Eastern Michigan University
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Marilyn Corsianos, Ph.D., York University, 1999


Marilyn Corsianos


Areas of Expertise

Criminology, Policing, Justice/Legal Studies, Social Inequalities, Gender Studies, Action Research.


Dr. Corsianos’s research interests include institutions of social control, public and private policing, power and violence. She has studied the police in the U.S. and Canada focusing on police ethics and corruption, gender issues, detectives, discretionary powers, and community policing. She is committed to pursuing social change by identifying exclusionary practices in the production of knowledge, and identifying more equitable policing systems.

Her recent books include Violence against Women in Pornography (2015), The Complexities of Police Corruption (2012), and the award-winning Policing and Gendered Justice (2009).

“Live life to the fullest; embrace it, breathe it, wrap yourself around it.  Make a difference in the world and minimize the possibility of regrets. The experience will be exhilarating.” Marilyn Corsianos