Eastern Michigan University
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Ashley Wiegand

Graduate Assistant

Research Areas of Interest

Prisoner reentry, women in prison, feminist theory, dating violence policy, and reintegrative shaming.


Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice


Bachelor of Science, Sociology & Psychology, Central Michigan University, 2011.


Ashley Wiegand double majored in Sociology and Psychology at Central Michigan University where she graduated in May 2011. Recently she presented a qualitative analysis to compare feminist and “manist” blog posts and the corresponding comments to ascertain the language as being civil or offensive discourse at the American Society of Criminology 2012 conference. She has also presented work at the annual convention for the Association for Psychological Science, on the effect of stress on individuals’ memory and time spent reading a waiver document. Additionally, Ashley has contributed to the Encyclopedia of Domestic Abuse by writing an entry on dating violence policy in the United States. She was awarded her graduate assistantship within the Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminology department in the fall of 2012.