Eastern Michigan University
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Donald E. Shelton, PhD, University of Nevada, 2010

Adjunct Faculty; Chief Judge, Washtenaw County Trial Court



Areas of Expertise

Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Constitutional Law, Forensic Science Evidence


The Hon. Donald E. Shelton, Ph.D., is a rare combination of active jurist with scholar, writer, and academic. A trial judge for over twenty years, he serves as chief judge of the court system in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has presided over many high-profile criminal and civil trials. In 2007, Judge Shelton received the Frank J. Kelley Distinguished Public Servant Award presented by the State Bar of Michigan. Prior to becoming a judge, he was an accomplished trial attorney. In addition to his law degree, Judge Shelton has a master's degree in criminology and criminal justice, and is one of only seven American judges with a Ph.D. in judicial studies. He is also an active professor on the adjunct faculty in both criminology and political science at Eastern Michigan University, as well as at Cooley Law School.
Judge Shelton is the author of several legal texts and has written for and lectured at numerous academic and professional organizations throughout the United States. One of his primary interests is the impact of technology on the judicial system, and especially on jurors. His latest books are Forensic Science in Court: Challenges in the 21st Century (Rowman & Littlefield, September 2010) and Forensic Science Evidence: Can the Law Keep Up with Science? (LFB Scholarly Publishing, June, 2012)