Eastern Michigan University
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Heather Mooney, MA, Wayne State University, 2009

Lecturer B

Areas of Expertise

Race, Gender and Class, Qualitative Methods, Urban Sociology, Inequality, Social Problems


Mooney's spent well over the last decade both professionally, academically and personally focused on housing and inequality studies. Her motivation stems from understanding how having safe and affordable housing creates the foundational cornerstone for solving for the world’s social problems. Recognizing the complex and interdependent nature of social inequalities especially within urban sociology, encourages her interests to overlay the wide range of concerns that interconnect. For five years she volunteered and worked at an adult homeless shelter in a variety of staff capacities. Mooney was the recipient of the EMU/DaimlerChrysler Senior Honors Thesis Award for her qualitative research on recently incarcerated homeless men. In response to the housing crisis, she was employed by local government, co-creating and running property tax and mortgage foreclosure prevention programs for the community from 2006 to 2012.  Ms. Mooney was awarded her Master’s Degree in Sociology at Wayne State University specializing in mortgage foreclosure prevention’s impact on social stratification. She has been with EMU’s Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminology since 2010, teaching courses in Introductory Sociology, Culture and Personality, Social Problems, and Methods of Social Research.