Eastern Michigan University
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Marilyn Horace-Moore, MA, Eastern Michigan University, 1989

Lecturer I; Undergraduate Advisor for Criminology/Criminal Justice Program


Areas of Expertise

Law enforcement, courts, probation, race issues, discrimination regarding race and females, prison reentry issues


Marilyn Horace-Moore (MA, Eastern Michigan University 1989) is a Lecturer B, Internship Coordinator and Undergraduate Criminology/Criminal Justice Advisor in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology.  She has been teaching Criminology and Sociology courses at Eastern Michigan University since 1994.  Prior to becoming a lecturer and advisor in the department, Ms. Horace-Moore was a Police Officer with the City of Ypsilanti Police Department, retiring as a Police Lieutenant in 1994.  A few of her research issues include, race, discrimination issues, career advising.  She work with students at Fast Track, athletic recruiting and believe in equal opportunity for all.  I will celebrate 37 years of marriage, have two children, 11 grandchildren and enjoy fishing, traveling and meeting new people.