Eastern Michigan University
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The criminology and criminal justice curriculum provides students with a multidisciplinary understanding of crime and justice within the framework of broader social processes. Criminology is the study of crime, the causes of crime, the meaning of crime in terms of law, and community reaction to crime, while Criminal Justice refers to the system used by government to maintain social control, prevent crime, enforce laws, and administer justice.

The curriculum offered at EMU is grounded in both theory and the application of crime and crime control, reflecting not only on the interrelationships of multiple disciplines, such as history, law and psychology, but also on the multicultural, international and global relationships of peace and conflict.

Additionally, our program is designed to examine fundamental questions of morality, ethics, human rights and social justice as these pertain to the administration of criminal law.

Some of the exciting topics include:

  • Transnational Crime and Violence
  • Deviance
  • Women, Crime & Justice
  • White Collar Crime
  • Law & Society
  • Community Corrections
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Drugs, Crime & Justice
  • Policing in Society

For more information on programs, majors, minors and courses, visit the catalog site forĀ Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology.