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M.A. in Sociology

Statement of Department Specific Aims of the Sociology M.A. Program

Sociology addresses all aspects of our social world, including the most challenging issues of our time.  Our faculty conduct research in a variety of areas: social inequalities, including race, ethnicity, class, gender and sexual orientation; organizational systems, structures and cultures; demographic change, family, aging, health, and identity.      

The aim of the M.A. in Sociology program is to provide students with the knowledge in theory and methodology needed to pursue a Ph.D. in Sociology and related fields, teach in post-secondary institutions, or pursue a public or private sector career.  As such, the M.A. in Sociology program addresses three goals: (1) To allow students to develop skills necessary to secure employment in Sociology and related fields, (2) To equip students with advanced sociological training in theory and methods in preparation for the pursuit of doctoral degrees, and (3) To equip students with advanced sociological education in preparation to teach in post-secondary institutions.

Successful completion of the Sociology M.A. graduate program requires students to complete 31 hours of course work across required courses, program area courses, and elective or cognate courses.  Coursework is taught by faculty in the Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology department, who are also leaders in their field, committed educators and dedicated scholars.  Students have the option of either writing a M.A. thesis, or writing two essays dealing with methodological, substantive, or theoretical issues in sociology.

We are proud of our graduates, who carry on the tradition of leadership in their disciplines.


Students are invited to make an appointment with the Sociology Graduate Coordinator for advising.  To arrange an appointment, contact Dr. Solange Simoes: ssimoes@emich.edu.

Course Catalog

Students can view the required coursework for the M.A. in Sociology degree by viewing the course catalog.