About Us

The SisterHOOD Initiative is a university-wide effort designed to engage and foster a strong sense of community for all students with a specific focus on women of color at Eastern Michigan University. Through collaborative partnerships and dedicated programming, the initiative works to enhance the academic, socio-cultural, and professional experiences of students enrolled.

At the core of the initiative the SisterHOOD Living and Learning Community is a residential community welcoming a cohort of freshman students each fall semester. We anticipate that this will be a diverse community of students coming from all over Michigan and other states.

SisterHOOD Scholars Community Pillars


SisterHOOD teaches students that beauty, both inner and outer, is transformed through the process of self-love and reflection by engaging in discussions around self-identity. This dialogue takes place both within the living-learning and EMU communities during Queendom Vibes (open to all students), which is an intentionally designed safe space where women of color share, connect and grow in solidarity through celebration, affirmation, and conversation.

Persistence and Completion 

SisterHOOD promotes the importance of scholarship by encouraging women to partake in academic, personal and professional development opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. As a platform for student success here at EMU, students who participate in this program will learn to create a solid foundation towards the road to graduation with the following Building BLOCKS: Beauty, Leadership, Outreach, Creativity, Knowledge, and SisterHOOD!

Authentic Leadership

Through courses, leadership training/workshops, and mentoring opportunities; students will learn how to influence and/or create change within their communities (at home and/or Eastern) without compromising their identity. Students will recognize who they are as women of color and their lived experience only strengthens their ability to lead successfully.

Health and Wellness

Transitioning from high school to college can feel overwhelming, thus through dialogue, recreation, and campus partnerships; SisterHOOD plans to assist students with addressing their emotional, psychological, and/or physical needs.

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