Eastern Michigan University

Strategic Theme: High Performing Academic Programs and Quality Research

Descriptor: Support and foster high quality academic and research programs that serve a demonstrated need in the community/region.

  • Goal 1: Provide students with high-quality instruction and learning opportunities.
    • Objective 1.1: Recruit and retain talented faculty.
    • Objective 1.2 Ensure the General Education program meets the needs of students to thrive in society.
    • Objective 1.3: Ensure faculty and instructors are supported to keep up with pedagogical and technological advances in the classroom and online.
    • Objective 1.4: Create and support innovative academic programs and pedagogy.
    • Objective 1.5: Ensure classrooms are equipped with appropriate equipment and resources.
  • Goal 2: Increase research to attract external funding and improve student education, with a focus on graduate education.
    • Objective 2.1: Increase research and creative activities.
    • Objective 2.2: Increase sponsorship of academic research and creative activities (grants, endowments, etc.).
    • Objective 2.3: Systematically address staffing and infrastructure costs of scholarship (lab equipment, data curation, library costs).
  • Goal 3: Ensure systematic processes are in place to identify programs to be created, expanded or maintained.
    • Objective 3.1: Develop a process for identifying programs to be created, expanded or maintained.
    • Objective 3.2: Encourage growth of successful existing programs and reallocate resources from programs that have outlived their usefulness or can be right-sized.
    • Objective 3.3: Create a framework for the development of new academic programs that meet community/regional and market needs.
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