Welcome Letter: EMU President

Dear Students,president smith

I am exceptionally excited to welcome you to the 2018-2019 academic year, and I am particularly pleased to welcome those of you who are beginning your first year at Eastern Michigan University! Here at EMU you will find fantastic people and plentiful resources devoted to your success, and I encourage you to reach to these individuals at times when you might need assistance.

During the school year I know that you will embark on a fabulous journey and in keeping with that journey, many questions will arise. This Student Handbook is aimed at serving two basic functions: first, it is an excellent place to start when you have a question about something happening here at EMU and, secondly, it serves as an excellent collection of university policies and resources all in one centralized location. When you chose to join EMU’s community, you agreed to abide by EMU’s policies. I encourage you to become familiar with the Student Handbook and keep it handy on your computer for referencing as you move through your time here at EMU.

Your time here at EMU will be both demanding and challenging, but these days, months, and years will also be some of the most productive, rewarding, and enlightening in your lifetime. Your education and academic achievements will be a critically important focus during your time here at EMU, but there are also many opportunities that allow you to explore your interests, complementing your academic endeavors, and enriching your life. I urge you to actively seek out programs and services that will assist you in capitalizing the most on your great potential -- please do this during your entire time here at Eastern and continue this practice for years beyond.

I wish you the greatest success this year and look forward to seeing the countless and diverse contributions each of you will add to our EMU community.


James M. Smith, Ph.D.
EMU President