President's Commission

The EMU Sustainability Commission consists of approximately 18 members and meets as a full commission every Fall and Winter semester. The commission chair is appointed by the university president with recommendation from the commission. Most of the work of the commission will be completed in subcommittees originally divided by STARS categories with consistent designees from relevant offices. If you are interested in joining the commission or helping out EMU with their sustainability efforts please go to our Getting Involved page.

The recommendations for the composition of the Sustainability Commission by STARS category from the Sustainability Commission Planning Committee are below:

  • Academics: four commissioners from any staff position from the provost office, undergraduate studies, graduate studies and research development, institutional research and information management, faculty, department heads, librarians.
  • Engagement: three commissioners from undergraduates and graduates and all staff from student government, faculty development center, VISION volunteer center, engage @ EMU, campus life, residential life, communications, marketing, human resources
  • Operations: six commissioners from professional staff from physical plant, dining, business and finance, purchasing, health and safety, student center, residential life
  • Planning and Administration: three commissioners from professional staff from enrollment management, faculty senate, diversity and community involvement, business and finance, human resources, financial aid, advancement, risk management, foundation

In addition, an open call from the student body for two students with maximum of one student per STARS category.

2018–2019 President's Sustainability Commission

The commissioners for the 2018–2019 academic year are as follows: 

  • Heather Khan-Welsh: Chair of the Commission, Academic (Faculty)
  • Sarah Fisher: Academic (Student Representative)
  • Mary Jane Fallot: Engagement Chair (Alumni)
  • Eva Koelzer: Engagement (Student Representative)
  • Sherry Owens: Engagement (Communications)
  • Luke Yates: Engagement (Engage @ EMU)
  • Molly Dixon: Operations (Student Representative)
  • Lyla Evans: Operations (Parking)
  • Callie Gavorek: Operations Chair (Dining)
  • Chris Grant: Operations (Facilities)
  • Paul Sommerville: Operations (Rec/IM)
  • Negar Matin: Operations (Student Representative)
  • Kirsten Olson-Roque: Operations (Student Representative)
  • Mike Valdes: Operations (Business and Finance)
  • Kevin Kucera: Planning and Administration Chair (Enrollment)
  • Chris Finch: Planning and Administration (Children's Institute)
  • Luis Romero: Planning and Administration (Student Government)

Meeting Minutes

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