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Bendors Power System (BPS)

3D Simulation

To request access to view a 3D simulation of the Bendors Power System, contact Benedict Ilozor at bilozor@emich.edu or 734.487.1299.

Bendors Power System (BPS) is a disruptive game-changer in electrical power generation, storage, and distribution.

BPS for renewable generation, storage, and supply of electrical energy is one of the renewable energy concepts developed by Ben Ilozor. BPS’ goal is to eliminate dependence on the sun and natural wind velocity for electricity generation, and batteries for energy storage, or transmission lines for power distribution. BPS reduces and eliminates reliance on fossil fuels and grid-supplied power by creating a market of customized, affordable, constant energy supply, and fulfilling the varied needs of users throughout the world, irrespective of the climatic region. Atmospheric air is used to continuously drive a unique fan-armature rotor combination to generate electricity in a unique way that overcomes the technical shortcomings and cost concerns of other existing technologies. As an all clime system, BPS generates electricity 24/7 without dependence on finite resources of fuel, or dangerous nuclear resources. It is a quiet system with little noise production, and next to nothing maintenance beyond the first costs. Its one arm six-chamber model can achieve 7,200 - 10,800 kWh per month. The radiating multiple arms, and the elongated arms systems are capable of producing much more.

The Technology Transfer Office is located in Boone Hall, Suite 200 | 734.487.3090 | ccharter@emich.edu

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