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Chromate-free Organic-inorganic Hybrid Pretreatment for Corrosion Resistance of Aluminum Alloys

Technology #3010.4

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This invention describes development of a novel technology of materials and application, for chromate-free pretreatment of aluminum and aluminum alloys, for their protection from environmental corrosion.

Chemical pretreatment of such alloys is extremely important of protection of overall coating system. Hexavalent chromate based pretreatments are by far the best performing pretreatments known to this industry. Due to environmental and toxicity issues associated with use of chromate based materials, the recent changes in regulations (EPA) does not allow use of such materials. Therefore, there is an acute need for chromate-free pretreatments which has comparable or better performance than. Many such technologies have been commercially available in recent days, but their performance is far inferior to chromate-based ones.

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