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Eric Reed

Eric ReedMr. Reed joined TRIO Student Support Services because he believes retention programs are essential to the success of students from undeserved communities. He is passionate about building the next generation of leaders from the greater Detroit area and students from other communities that have experienced hardships. He has guided hundreds of students from college application to graduation. For the past decade, he has worked at three major Michigan universities empowering students who had a high school GPA ranging from 1.30 to a 4.00.

From his personal experience of performing poorly in college due to being "caught up" in the college life, Mr. Reed knows first hand the challenges our students face the moment they step onto campus. He credits a major portion of his undergraduate success to a retention program similar to TRIO SSS at Central Michigan University.

Mr. Reed has been employed at Eastern Michigan University since 2012. He was formerly the Coordinator of the EMU Opportunity Program and began as Director of TRIO SSS in March 2018. He joined EMU because of the authenticity among staff and students and because EMU is integral to the metro-Detroit area, which he calls home.


Outside of work and school, he loves entrepreneurship, exercising, playing sports, traveling and spending time with family. He believes in the 21st century "you must work a job from 9-5 and create your job from 5-9". 

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Program Assistant:

Josiah Pankiewicz

.Josiah is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and is currently taking classes towards a Masters Degree in Children's Literature. Josiah has been working in the education sector for over six years and looks forward to applying his experience to the Trio Office. He has worked as K-12 mentor, a high school and college tutor, a teacher, a testing proctor, and assessment  administrator.

A first generation college student himself, Josiah is passionate about education and helping others achieve their highest potential. He advocates for students who mainstream education may often overlook or under-support.  He strives to create spaces in which students can thrive and find ways to overcome obstacles in their educational journey and life. 


Outside of Eastern, Josiah enjoys working in the theater as a director and technician. He also enjoys exploring parks, kayaking, and camping.  


Josiah firmly believes that everyone has the power to succeed and looks forward to helping people achieve their goals. 


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Graduate Assistant:

Tiaja Wynn

.Tiaja Wynn is currently the Graduate Assistant working for TRIO Student Support Services. She is currently in her first year of graduate school and after graduate school she plans to work with juvinielles.  She chose to work for TRIO SSS to gain experience with working with people. She wanted to be able to mentor others throughout their college years because that is something she wish she had during her college experience. She chose Eastern Michigan because it was far enough away from home but close enough if her family needed to get to her.

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress -Frederick Douglas"



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Peer Mentors:

KeVaughn Price

.KeVaughn Price is one of the Peer Mentors working for TRIO Student Support Services. He is currently a graduating senior. He is a Communication & Entrepreneurship Major. He decided to work for Trio due to his passion for mentoring, and knowing he could relate to all students on some level made Trio the perfect match. After transferring from his first institution, he chose EMU because of its great academic catalog and the amount of scholarship money received. He plans to continue his education after graduation by pursuing his masters of Business Administration. 

“As a freshman don’t be afraid to be true to yourself. Accept who you are, be comfortable with who you are, and be the best You, You can be!” - Kay Price


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Chocolate Brooks 

.Chocolate Brooks is one of the Peer Mentors working for TRIO Student Support Services. She is currently a junior with a major in Health Administration. She chose to work for TRiO to guide first generation college students like herself through their first year experience. She believes that college is a new adventure because you don't know what to expect so you have to prepare yourself for it so she feels like she can successfully guide them. After she graduate she plans on going to graduate school to get her masters in Public Health.

Chocolate chose to come to Eastern because the environment was really comfortable to her and because of the financial aid she recieved. Her advice to incoming freshmen is "Make sure you major in something you actually want to do. At the end of the day you have to get this degree for yourself!"

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Deja Hood

dhoodDeja Hood is one of the Peer Mentors working for TRIO Student Support Services. She is currently working on obtaining a major in dance and a minor in business management in hopes of owning her own studio company in the future. She chose to work for TRIO SSS because she loves helping others. She wants to help incoming freshmen with their obstacles. She says that she knows what it is like to go through challenging periods alone and she did not want the future freshmen to go through that.

Deja chose to attend Eastern Michigan University because of the positive energy that she found in the dance program. She states that she felt immediately comfortable because of the welcoming environment that the program radiated.    

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Elba Lara

ElbaElba Lara is one of the Peer Mentors working for TRIO Student Support Services. She is currently working on obtaining a Bachelor's of Science - Information Assurance and Cyber Defense. She decided to work with TRIO SSS because the staff have become like a second family to her.  She also  wanted to help out students like her peer tutor helped her when she was a freshman. She plans on finding a job that deals with cyber security and then maybe later go back to school and get a masters degree.

Elba chose Eastern Michigan University because of the financial aid that the university offered her and the fact that the campus was close enough to home that she could commute, but also far enough to give her a sense of independence.

 "Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness."  - Oprah Winfrey

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Kylar Chandler

. Kylar Chandler  is one of the Peer Mentors working for TRIO Student Support Services. He is currently working through a double major of Political Science and Communication. He chose to work for Trio because he feels like with being a peer mentor his mentees can learn a lot from him and he can learn a lot from them as well.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Contact Information: 




Mikaela Trowbridge 

mtrowbridgeMikaela  Trowbridge is one of the Peer Mentors that is working for TRIO Student Support Services. She is currently working on completing Elementary Education with a Reading Comprehensive Major. She  chose Eastern Michigan University because the teaching program seemed great here. Mikaela  choose to work with TRIO SSS because she love the message the program conveys to the students and EMU. Mikaela loves helping others and wants to make a difference in many peoples lives. TRIO SSS helps her do that and gives her many opportunities to grow and develop as a leader.

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Christopher Casillas

.Christopher Casillas is one of the Peer Mentors that is working for TRIO Student Support Services. He is currently a junior with a major in nursing. His plans after graduating is to work at a hospital as a nurse while he save up to receive his Masters to become a Nurse Practioner. Christopher chose to work for TRIO SSS because he wanted to help students avoid all the struggles he faced as an incoming freshman. He wants his community to be successful. He came to EMU because they offered him a full ride scholarship .


"You never know what could have been if you don't try. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something because the only person stopping you is you."

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Office Assistants:  

Sierra Evans 

Sierra sierra evansEvans is one of the Office Assistants for TRIO Student Support Services. She is a pre-nursing student and plans to get her masters to become a nurse practitioner. She chose to work with TRIO SSS because she admires how supportive and helpful the staff members are with students and wanted to contribute to the program. 

Sierra chose to come to Eastern Michigan University because it was the closest university to her home and it was one of the tops schools for their nursing program.

 "Try something new everyday step out of our comfort zone. Go to cultural event on campus and get engaged! You'll never know the opportunities you'll come upon."


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Breanna Townsend  

btownsendBreanna Townsend is one of the Office Assistants for TRIO Student Support Services. While attending Eastern Michigan University she is planning on becoming a Recreational Therapist. Breanna chose Eastern Michigan University because the university has a great program for her major and because of the scholarship that the university offered her. She chose to work with TRIO SSS because she says that working with the program makes her feel like she is contributing to the team and it makes her feel even more apart of the program. 

 "Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit." -Conrad Hilton

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Hanah Kalenak

.Hanah Kalenak is one of the Office Assistants for TRIO Student Support Services. She is currently a sophomore majoring in Special Education with an Endorsement of ASD. After graduating she plans to go to graduate school and then peruse having her own classroom.

She decided to come to Eastern because of the teaching program and how well known they are for preparing their special educators. She chose to work with TRIO SSS so she could help incoming students and wanted to understand everything that goes on behind the scenes with making Trio what it is. 

“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that. You can make anything happen.”- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


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 Ashley Rodriguez


. Ashley Rodriguez is one of the Office Assistants for TRIO Student Support Services. She is currently in her second year here at Eastern. She is majoring in apparel, textiles, and merchandise and is studying to become a fashion designer. She is also trilingual, she knows English, Spanish, and studying Japanese. She decided to come to Eastern because of the amazing program she was in, called "Eastern Opportunity". That program basically changed her views and perspectives about coming to college, they really helped her with her transition, and they basically taught her almost everything she needed to know as an incoming freshman from Detroit. Also, she stated the ATM program is great and she felt welcomed instantly. There's many opportunities here on campus that helps her prepare for the future and that's exactly what she was looking for. She chose to for Trio SSS because she wanted to work in an educational setting, where she would have the support and connections to succeed and be able to get to know students who are also first gens. 

"Make your life a dream, and a dream a reality." - Antoine De Saint-Exupery

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