Eastern Michigan University

Faculty Getting Started

How to get a Turnitin.com Account

  1. Request an Account ID and "Join Password" from E-Learning Instructional Designer John Bruenger, [email protected]. Include your academic department and the course(s) you are teaching in the request.
  2. After you receive your account information, log on by entering your EMU email address and Turnitin password. Use the "Reset Password " function located at the top of the Turnitin homepage if you don't remember or don't know your password.

The Instructor Quickstart guide has information about how to create a class, and create and submit assignments.

A more complete Instructor User Manual [PDF] is available in Adobe PDF format.

Student Authorization

Eastern Michigan University requires all instructors who ask students to submit their own papers to the Turnitin.com service to obtain each student's voluntary consent to participate prior to comparing whole or parts of a student's paper with the Turnitin.com database. No student may be compelled to submit papers to the service without the student's voluntary authorization, and no student may be assigned a lower grade or otherwise penalized for declining to submit their own papers.

Faculty Selective Use of Turnitin.com

Some instructors may prefer to use Turnitin.com to selectively review student papers by submitting the papers themselves. If you use the service in this manner:

  • Delete the student's name and other identifying information from the digital document you submit
  • Use a pseudonym for the student when you submit the digital paper
  • Include the following statement in your syllabus:

"Turnitin.com is a web-based service that compares submitted student text against a database of millions of previously submitted documents, including those on the public Internet, a proprietary collection of published articles, as well as every student paper ever submitted to Turnitin.com, including previously submitted EMU papers. When similarities between student text and an existing document are found, Turnitin highlights those similarities in an annotated document, displaying both the student text and the original source(s). Detection of similarities does not mean plagiarism has occurred, as the overlapping text might be properly referenced and cited. In this course, all assignments may be submitted by me to Turnitin.com for textual similarity review. Submissions will not include your name or other personal identifiers, such as student number."

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