Our mission: We Support Your Goals!

Welcome to the Eastern Michigan University Advising and Career Development Center

Our mission is simple, vital and clear: We Support Your Goals.

We’re here to guide and support Eastern students, staff and faculty as they make important choices by keeping them informed and on-track for academic and professional excellence.

For students, our job is to help you choose the academic and career path that best fits your unique personality, abilities and values.

For faculty, our job is to facilitate your own educational mission; keeping you trained, informed and helping you help EMU students as best you can.

When you succeed, we succeed!

College Liaisons

The UACDC is organized into colleges to provide precise, targeted support to our academic community. Below, find the career coaches and corporate relations managers assigned to each college.

University Advising & Career Development Center

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Office Hours

Monday–Friday 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Location and Phone

Administrative Staff

  • Alicia Apperson, Assistant Director, Academic Advising
  • Crystal Walrath, Assistant Director, Career Development

Professional Staff

  • April Calkovsky, Career Coach (Exploratory, College of Education)
  • John Carlson, Senior Corporation Relations Manager (College of Health and Human Services)
  • Logann Dolan, Career Coach
  • Mary Jane Fallot, Senior Corporate Relations Manager (College of Arts and Sciences, GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology)
  • Barb Gehring, Career Coach (Exploratory, College of Business)
  • Gregg Heinrichs, Academic Advisor
  • Art Michalski, Academic Advisor
  • Kaelyn Rice, Academic Advisor
  • Sherry Spencer, Academic Advisor
  • Temii Tellis, Senior Corporate Relations Manager (College of Business)

Support Staff

  • Mary Chambers
  • Karen Damian
  • Marion Laskowski
  • Bonnie Wethington