Waiver of Academic Advising

Failure to fill in or answer required fields may result in no response. If you do not get a response by e-mail within two (2) "University" business days, please resubmit this form. Make sure you have completed all the fields. If a second attempt fails, please contact our office at the number to the left.

We cannot waive your advising and/or give personal information if you do not use your my.emich email account. This is due to FERPA. Please refer to your catalog regarding this Federal Act. If you use another account, we can only answer general information.

I also understand that:

  • I will be following the General Education Program that began Fall 2007 regardless of when I began college.
  • I will not be able to change this once I have submitted this form.
  • Courses that could apply to the General Education Program may not fulfill the requirements without an "initial" advising appointment. Paperwork is only done during the initial appointment.
  • I am responsible for any additional courses that may be a result of my "Waiver of Advising" and this new program.
  • I must read the catalog as well as the EMU Student Handbook and am expected to know University policies, expectations, and deadlines.

NOTE: Submitting this form indicates that this student has waived the opportunity for advising/scheduling assistance from a professional advisor of the Academic Advising Center during his/her initial semester at Eastern Michigan University. The student is held solely responsible for course placement, pre-requisites, and other aspects of enrollment.