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FAQ for EMU Departments

Can I pay a student using an additional compensation form?

Occasionally students work on a special, short term project that can be paid through additional compensation. Examples of work that would qualify for paying in this manner are: Modeling for an art class, playing an instrument at an event, or presenting at a conference. If the student is working on an ongoing basis they should be hired using an epaf. If students have other on-campus jobs their total number of hours worked cannot exceed 29 per week.

What should I pay a student employee?

All students must be paid at least minimum wage and no more than $15 an hour. Typically students earn minimum wage or a bit more, if a student is highly skilled and performing higher level work the department is able to adjust wage accordingly up to $15 per hour.

How many hours are students allowed to work?

Students are allowed to work up to 29 hours per week for all on-campus jobs combined. For example if they have a full time graduate assistantship, which is 20 hours per week, they can work as a student employee for an additional nine hours per week.

Per federal regulation, international students may only work 20 hours per week during fall and winter terms.

When are epafs due? When will students be paid?

The payroll calendar has all due dates and check dates.

What are the requirements for students to work on campus?

  • Students need to be enrolled at least part-time, which is four credit hours for graduate students and six credit hours for undergraduate students.
  • An I9 needs to be on file with the UACDC office (it can take up to 48 hours for the received I9 to be reflected in the employment eligibility tool on my.emich).
  • The student must consent to a background check, acknowledge the Student Employment Policy, and consent to the Data Security and Confidentiality policy. All three of these items are found in the student's my.emich account under the Student Employment Menu.

What is my student employment position number?

There are two ways to obtain your department's position number to hire students.

  1. Contact our office with your fund/org information 
  2. Login to BOE
    • Choose "corporate categories"
    • Choose "finance operations"
    • Choose "personnel actions"
    • In the category "look up student employment position numbers" click view
    • Enter your fund/org

How do I get a new student employment position number?

Complete the position request form and return it to UACDC.

What happens if my work study student employee runs out of work study funds for the semester?

The student can be hired using the department's regular funds or the student employment position can end. If they student has exceeded their work study award the overage will be charged to the department's fund/org.

How do I fix/update my epaf routing queue?

If the department has a new approver or you are attempting to submit an epaf and getting the "Mandatory Levels and Required Action Indicator must match NTRACAT" error your approval routing queues need to  be updated.
First you have to delete anyone who is currently in your queue.
  • In your my.emich account click on the Employee tab, select Electronic Personnel Action Forms
  • Go to EPAF Originator Summary
  • Click on Default Routing Queue
  • Choose Student Hire in the approval category and click go
  • To the right of the "required action" section there is a "remove" check box (you may have to use your right/left scroll at the bottom of your screen to move over and view that check box)-make sure all of the remove check boxes are selected
  • Click "save and add new rows"
This will delete all of your current routing queue for that approval category.
To enter the correct routing queue:
  • In the Approval Category box select "student hire", click go
  • You should now have the ability to enter the correct approvers for your area, select them from the magnifying glass icon, once they are all entered click "save and add new rows"

Each approval category (Student Rehire, Student Appointment Change, etc.) that your department uses will need to be updated. 

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