Pharmacy Closure

Effective December 13, 2019 the UHS Pharmacy will be closed and no longer able to take new prescriptions or refill any medications. Please contact the pharmacy at 734.487.1125 before that time to arrange to transfer your medications to a new pharmacy (see FAQs below).

  • About the Pharmacy

    The UHS Pharmacy is a licensed pharmacy providing quality service to EMU students, staff, faculty, and immediate dependents. EMU students may use the pharmacy for one year after their last enrollment.

    Pharmacy services:

    • Prescription medications
    • Over-the-counter medications
    • Patient counseling
    • 90-day supplies*
    • Special orders**
    • Call-ahead or use secure messaging through the UHS Portal to order refills**
    • Health and beauty, hygiene and first aid products available for purchase

    *Call for eligibility and details.
    **Requires 1 - 2 days advance notice before pick-up. See our FAQ for more information.

  • Accepted Insurance Providers

    The pharmacy accepts most prescription insurance plans. If you’re unsure if we accept your plan, please bring your insurance card to the pharmacy and we will check if we are an approved provider.

    Some examples of accepted insurance providers are:

    • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan and Community Blue through ExpressScripts
    • CVS Caremark
    • MedImpact
    • Aetna
    • MiMedicaid - some Medicaid plans
    • ExpressScripts (includes Medco Health)

    Please call 734.487.1125 to see if we accept your insurance plan.

  • Accepted Forms of Payment
    • Cash, check or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card)
    • Flexible Spending Account (FSA) including EMU
    • Health Savings Account (HSA) cards including EMU
    • Enrolled students can have the charge placed on their e-bill
  • FAQs

    Will my information be confidential?

    Your prescription information is confidential and will not be provided to your parents, spouse, significant-other or anyone else without your written permission, except as allowed by law.

    We will not accept a request to refill or pick up a prescription by another individual. If you want someone else to pick up your prescription for you, see "Could I have someone else pick up my prescription?" below.

    Processing a prescription insurance claim provides information to the third party (insurer) necessary to process your claim. The third party may communicate some of this information to the insured party as part of their claims communication.

    For example, if you are covered under your parent's insurance policy, the names of the medications you receive may be listed on an insurance statement sent to your parents. This is allowed because of the insurance policy provisions.

    Could I have someone else pick up my prescription?

    When you call or use secure messaging through the UHS Portal to have your prescriptions(s) refilled, be sure to tell us if someone else will be picking them up and provide their full name. They will need to provide identification, such as a driver's license or EMU ID.

    What if my prescription is from out-of-state?

    Most out-of-state prescriptions can be filled at the Health Service Pharmacy. Please consult the pharmacy staff regarding specific medications.

    How do I transfer my prescriptions to the UHS Pharmacy?

    Option 1: The easiest method is bring the container with the label or the receipt from the last fill to Health Service Pharmacy. We will call the other pharmacy and transfer the remaining refills, unless prohibited by law.

    Option 2: Call us to request a transfer of a prescription. We will ask for some information off your old label such as:

    • Prescription Number (Rx#)
    • Pharmacy phone number
    • Medication name

    Note: This process may take longer without the information from the original pharmacy label.

    How do I transfer my prescriptions from the UHS Pharmacy?

    Option 1: Call your new pharmacy and give them the the following information:

    • Health Service Pharmacy phone number (734.487.1125)
    • Your prescription number (Rx#)

    Your new pharmacy will need to call us directly to transfer the prescription.

    Option 2: Provide the other pharmacy with the labeled container or receipt that we provided on you last fill and the other pharmacy will contact us.

    How do I order my refills over the phone or through your secure messaging in the UHS portal?

    We know your time is valuable and hope to make your wait in the pharmacy as short as possible. By calling ahead or using secure messaging through the UHS Portal when you need prescription(s) refilled, we will be able to have the prescription(s) ready for you.

    We recommend that you call or message us 1-2 days before you will be in to pick-up your medication(s), especially if a special order item is among them.

    To order a prescription by phone, dial 734.487.1125. To order by secure messaging, sign in to the UHS Portal.

    What if I need my prescription refill during university holidays?

    The Health Service Pharmacy is closed for University designated holidays. The University closes from Christmas Eve through New Year's Day. Please plan around this closure period for your prescription needs.

    Do you have a drug assistance program?

    We understand that many students may have trouble with cost of their medications. We refer patients to for prescription assistance programs. offers information on Patient Assistance Programs, Drug Discount Cards, and the many other resources.

    The patient is responsible for obtaining the application form from the program or drug company and collecting the documentation required. Some companies require an advocate to obtain the initial forms. We can help with this process.