Student Insurance

We strongly encourage students to be covered by a health care plan. If you are looking for affordable coverage, Eastern Michigan University offers a comprehensive student insurance policy through United HealthCare Student Resources (Policy #2020-1437-1).

We are pleased to inform you that the cost of the EMU student health insurance policy will not increase for 2020-2021!

Important Update for the 2020-2021 Policy Year

Only EMU students are eligible for the 2020-2021 EMU student insurance policy. Dependents are not eligible for this policy.

We will provide other resources for interested individuals upon request.

  • Quick Facts

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    • The policy covers Sickness and Injury as well as preventive services, including an annual preventative visit and immunizations.
    • The policy provides coverage for birth control.
    • Students pay a $10 co-pay per visit for covered services at the IHA Health Center @ EMU, including office visits and lab tests.
    • The IHA Health Center @ EMU is the primary care provider and the Campus Medical Pharmacy is the primary pharmacy. To  access specialty care outside of the IHA Health Center @ EMU, the student will first need to make an appointment to obtain a referral from the IHA Health Center @ EMU.
    • The student will incur a $100 deductible for each injury or sickness when services are obtained outside of the IHA Health Center @ EMU. There is an out-of-pocket maximum of $1,250 per policy year (for in-network providers).
    • Prescriptions filled at the Campus Medical Pharmacy will have a $10 co-pay for generic drugs and a $20 co-pay for name brand drugs prescribed by an IHA Health Center @ EMU physician or by an outside physician when the student has a referral.
    • The policy provides coverage worldwide.
    • Medical evacuation and repatriation is provided by Scholastic Emergency Services, INC. Global Emergency Medical Assistance.

    If you have questions about Student Health Insurance, please visit the UnitedHealthcare Student Resources website, or call our office at 734.487.3048 or email us at [email protected].

  • International Students FAQs

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    • Am I required to have the EMU Insurance Policy? International students are required to have insurance while studying at EMU. Currently, you may be able to waive our policy if you have an acceptable/comparable insurance plan. Download the Student Insurance Waiver Form [PDF]NOTE: The Washtenaw County Health Plan does NOT meet the waiver requirements.
    • What do I need to do to be on the EMU Insurance Policy? As long as you are enrolled at EMU and a waiver was not approved you will automatically be billed to your student account (Ebill) for Student Insurance by semester within the first two weeks of the semester.
    • What benefits are included on the EMU Insurance Policy? For benefits information, visit the UnitedHealthcare Student Resources website.
  • Policy Pricing

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    • 2020-2021 (Sept. 1, 2020 - Aug 31, 2021) - $1,779.00
    • Fall 2020 (Sept. 1, 2020 - Dec 31, 2020) - $593.00
    • Winter 2021 (Jan 1, 2021- Apr 30, 2021) - $593.00
    • Summer 2021 (May 1, 2021 - Aug 31, 2021) - $593.00
    • Winter/Summer 2021 (Jan 1, 2021 - Aug 31, 2021) - $1,186.00*

    *Even if you are not taking classes during the Summer semester, you must purchase the Winter and Summer semester together for a cost of $1,186.00, as you are required to maintain coverage on an annual basis while you are are an EMU student. This is listed on the enrollment form as Winter/Summer. International students will be billed automatically for winter/summer during winter semester.

  • Purchasing Information

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    You can purchase the policy in the following ways:

    • For Domestic Students, OPT Students, and Scholars, you may purchase insurance directly from the UnitedHealthcare Student Resources website using a credit card, or for other methods of payment including check or student e-bill; please bring a completed application to the Student Insurance Office.
    • For international students on OPT or visiting scholars, please contact the Student Insurance Office at 240G Student Center to enroll in the insurance plan.
    • If you have questions, please call our office at 734.487.3048 or email us at [email protected].
    • Student Insurance Office Hours for fall: In-Person
      • Tuesdays, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. by appointment only
    • Student Insurance Office Hours for fall: Virtually
      • Mon., Wed., Thu., Fri. 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

    Last Date to Purchase by Coverage Period

    • Fall 2020 - September 30, 2020
    • Winter 2021 - January 30, 2021
    • Winter/Summer 2021 - May 30, 2021

    Note: You must meet the eligibility requirements as listed in the policy brochure in order to purchase the policy and maintain coverage. Undergraduate students must be registered for 12 credit hours. Graduate students must be registered for 6 credit hours. Dependents of EMU students are not eligible for coverage on the EMU student insurance plan.

    Please refer to the insurance policy and read the above Quick Facts. If you still have questions about Student Health Insurance, please visit the UnitedHealthcare Student Resources website, or email the Student Insurance Office at [email protected].

  • Insurance Waiver Deadlines

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    Submit your waiver application and documents to the Student Insurance Office before 3 p.m. on the deadline date. You may fax your documents to 734.481.0050 or scan and email to [email protected].

    • Fall 2020: September 10, 2020
    • Winter 2021: January 15, 2021
    • Summer 2021: May 13, 2021

    Download the Student Insurance Waiver Form [PDF].

  • Early Arrival Fee Waiver Deadlines

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    Important deadlines are approaching to have EMU Student Insurance Fees removed from your student account.

    To have an early arrival fee removed you must present your airline ticket indicating that your arrival was:

    • Fall Semester: Arrived September 1, 2020 or later
    • Winter Semester: Arrived January 1, 2021 or later

    The deadlines to request early arrival fee removal are as follows:

    • Fall Semester: September 10, 2020
    • Winter Semester: January 15, 2021

    Submit the Special Refund Request Form along with supporting documents to the Student Insurance Office in person or by fax (734.481.0050) or email ([email protected]) by posted deadlines.

  • Graduating International Students

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    For Students graduating in Winter semester 2021, you must submit a Special Refund Request Form with a copy of your I-20 by April 1, 2021 for removal of your summer insurance fee.

    Download the Special Refund Request Form [PDF] or email ([email protected]) for a copy of the form.

    Submit documents at the Student Insurance Office in person or by fax (734.481.0050) or email ([email protected]) by posted deadlines.