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The Upward Bound Program

EMU Upward Bound is a Federally-funded pre-college academic program designed to provide students from Ypsilanti Community High School with the academic skills enhancement and motivation necessary to obtain a college degree. EMU Upward Bound is staffed by experienced, caring counselors and professionals who want to help young people achieve their dreams and most importantly build their character. Program services and activities are free to those who participate in the program. Participants can even earn a monthly stipend for miscellaneous education expenses.

EMU Upward Bound provides its students a unique support system in the following areas:

•College Readiness & Planning •Career Exploration •Social & Cultural Enrichment



“Being in Upward Bound has made me learn that hard work pays off and helps you in the long run. The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” -DaVashia Jones, 2016

“Being in Upward Bound was the greatest opportunity for me to take. I didn’t care about  school, then someone introduced me to Upward Bound and it changed my life.” -Leah Anderson, 2016

"Upward Bound is living up to its namesake: taking students and lifting them upward to their greatest potential and a greater future." -Kyra Brown, 2015

"Upward Bound was definitely time well spent. I learned many things about myself and more. I don't know where I would be without Upward Bound." -Clarence Broach, 2015

"I have overcome all challenges and I'm very happy I did; if it wasn't for Upward Bound I don't think I would know how to do any of the things necessary for me to succeed in college." -Jessica James, 2015

"Upward Bound has granted me the confidence that I will not only go to college, but be successful." -Lillie La Marr, 2014

"Over the past 4 years this program has gone above and beyond their mission statement with regards to preparing students for academic excellence, global citizenship, and lifelong learning by providing academic support and tutoring, assisting with college and career planning, and exposing students to diverse cultural and artistic expressions of life." -Kelley Greene, 2014

"Upward Bound has put me so far ahead of a lot of my peers. I have done a lot more and seen a lot more than them as well." -Sierra Campbell, 2014

"Upward Bound taught me how to be responsible for myself and what college life will be like if I’m living on campus. It also helped me in becoming better in being social.” Tyler Freitas, 2014

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