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Meet the Staff 

Roderick Wallace, Director, Upward Bound 

Bio: I was born and raised in Flint, MI, where I graduated from Flint Central High School. I then attendedMr Wallace Eastern Michigan University and achieved bachelor's degrees in both History and African-American Studies. Soon after, I received my Masters in Education from Marygrove College. For almost 20 years, I have had the privilege of working with thousands of inner-city youth through my work as a teacher and school administrator. Prior to joining the team at EMU UB, I was honored to serve as an administrator at River Rouge High School, where we specialized in trauma-sensitive practices and raised several million dollars in scholarship funds for students.

Personal Information: I currently reside in Farmington Hills, MI with my wife, Michele, and my two children, Julian and Mia. I enjoy audio production and engineering, sports, and podcasting.

I love my job because: As a young man, the efforts of my family and people in our community helped me to achieve greatness, and it has been my life's work to pay that forward. Post-secondary education is a non-negotiable in today's global society, and I believe that all students deserve the support and guidance necessary to navigate through the challenge. We have a fantastic and energetic team that are on fire for achievement! 



Biyi Akinlude, Academic Program Specialist

Bio:  I have served as a tutor and peer advisor with Upward Bound since October 2010 and earned myBiyi Akinlude Bachelor's Degree in Biology during that 5 year period. I am currently working towards earning a Master's Degree in Business with a focus in Entrepreneurship. I lead the Men's Ministry at the University Christian Fellowship Church on EMU's campus. 

Personal Information:  I am the youngest of 7. I enjoy learning from different experiences and have never been one to limit myself. I strongly believe in dreams - whether it be pursuing mine or encouraging and supporting others to pursue theirs. I believe your dreams begin to come true when they become goals. I love playing games, especially board games. My favorites are Scrabble, Monopoly or Cash Flow and Chess. I credit my life today with three people: God who has preserved it, my Mother who has guided it and the many people who have influenced it whether positively or negatively, because it has and will all work out for good. 

 I love my job because:  I get to be a light in the lives of the students and staff team. I understand the struggles of my students and know what it means for UB to be the only consistency in their lives. At the end of it all, it isn't about getting good grades or turing in the assignment on time, it is about building their character. This influences everything else. 

 Email:  [email protected]


Jasmine Hairston, Academic Program Specialist

Bio:   I am a third generation educator. I was raised in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area and earned my bachelor’s degree from Marshall University (Huntington, West Virginia). Prior to joining the Upward Bound team, I worked in Detroit high schools for the past five years as a high school English teacher and college advisor. My professional background and passion has always lied with supporting minority and first generation youth. In my former role as a college advisor at Voyageur College Prep, I taught Senior Seminar. This course supported each graduating class with: college research, college applications, college visits, financial aid and literacy, scholarship applications, and more.

Personal Information: I enjoy camping and outdoor activities with my partner, Chris, and our two dogs, Griswold and Sugar. I am currently working on remodeling and restoring my 1974 Starcraft Starcruiser motorhome.

 I love my job because: of ‘choices’. That is why I got into education. It is my mission to ensure that all of our young people have a variety of choices upon graduating high school. I want all of our students to realize that they make more choices possible for themselves in the future through the preparation and hard work they do today. All of our students deserve to have choices to learn and pursue their dreams, I am grateful to be a part of this integral point in their lives.

 Email: [email protected]


Kim L. Rankins, Senior Secretary

I have worked a total 6.5 years at Eastern Michigan University in the Nursing Department and The Kim RankinsInstitute for the Study of Children, Families and Communities before starting with Upward Bound in 2008. I have Associate Degrees from Washtenaw Community College in Administrative Technology, Administrative Medical technology and a Certificate in Computer Applications. Currently, I am attending Eastern Michigan University and working toward completing my Bachelors degree in Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology.

Personal Information: I have two beautiful daughters and a wonderful grandson. I enjoy several activities with my family such as swimming, biking and traveling. My hobbies include crocheting and taking care of my flowers and plants. My participation in church is also very important to me.

I love my job because: The environment is very friendly. The staff and student workers work together in meeting the goal of Upward Bounds mission statement. I enjoy watching the hard work the students of Upward Bound do to excel as high academic achievers. It is an honor to be a part of this team.

Email: [email protected]



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