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Saurabh Wankhade (Mr. W)

Member since: Fall 2016 W Tutor

Role: Tutor - Mentor/ Graduate Assistant / Tutor Supervisor

Major: Computer Science

Student-character memory: Speaking of character reminds me of the day when two of our well-known students, Marcus and Oscar disrespected one of our veteran tutors Ms. Green. After hearing this, Mr. B spoke to both of them. The next day, both of them came to me and apologized for their behavior. A few days later, I was passing by Marcus and I overheard him correcting another peer in what he was corrected in a few days prior. At that moment, I felt that Marcus has grown in character.

Student's academic performance memory: I cannot forget the dedication and commitment a student showed during summer academy. When I was supervising study tables during summer academy, I realized she was missing seven assignments. Without completing those assignments she couldn't have made it to the out-of-state final trip. While every other student was anxious to go home at 3 p.m., it was her determination that made her call her mother to say, "Don't pick me up at 3 p.m. I want to finish my missing assignments. Come pick me up at 7". Not only did she finish her assignments but she was also able to understand the concepts behind those assignments. Although I burnt several candies on both ends to keep her motivated, the happiness I felt seeing her on the final trip was immeasurable.

Vision/Goal for UB:   My vision for Upward bound is that students should start preparing for their SATs from their freshman year.

Favorite UB component: My favorite component of Upward Bound is Summer Academy. Summer academy helped me understand every student on an individual level. Not only did I help the kids with their academics but I also had a lot of fun playing soccer, eating multicultural dinner and making sidewalk art.


Desmine Robinson (Mr. Robinson)

Member since : Fall 2015 Des. Tutor

Role: Tutor - Mentor

Major: Psychology, Undergrad

Student-character memory : When I first met Issac he was very shy. But after always talking to him first and being patient towards him, he began to share his voice with me. And now we talk all the time and he talks more to his peers!

Student's Academic Performance Memory: During Summer academy a student worked so hard to focus and when he received his final grade for Reading Comprehension his smile was very contagious and it will always inspire me to keep pushing our students and to remind them to believe in themselves no matter what!

Vision/Goal for UB: I would like all our kids to go to college, to be on the honor roll, and for our students to be excited about learning, supportive towards each other and to be very curious of the wisdom their mentors bring to them in Upward Bound!

Favorite UB component: Summer Academy!


Claryn Scott (Ms. Scott)

Member Since: Fall 2016 Claryn Tutor

Role: Tutor - Mentor

Major: Psychology, Undergrad

Student- character memory: Although it is hard to narrow it down to just one, a particular memory that I have was during summer academy. After having a challenging week communicating with a student, he finally approached me at the multicultural family event and apologized for his behavior. Not only did this show character in his apology, he also promised me that from this point on, we would no longer have any issues. To date, he has kept to his word and impressed me everyday with his growth.

Student's Academic Performance memory: A memory that has impacted me was when it came time to update Marcus' grades. Not only had he turned in all of his missing assignments, he had completely gotten out of the red. His hard work and determination to raise his grades showed me that he is ready to take on more mature challenges and is ready to set an example for other students to not only set goals, but to work hard to achieve them.

Vision/ Goal for UB: My goal is to help students academically, but also to help them in the other areas of their lives that go beyond school. I strive to encourage our students to write, to communicate effectively, and to take care of themselves. I try to instill in our students the idea that you can't fill someone else's cup if yours is empty, which is why it is important to put the work into making yourself the best that you can be, because then helping others will naturally follow.

Favorite UB component: Summer Academy, I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. Not only did I get to facilitate growth with our students, but I also grew as my own person. For as much as we impact the students, they impact us in ways they may not even realize.


Nicole Southerland (Ms. Southerland)

Member since: Fall 2016 Nicole Tutor

Role: Tutor - Mentor

Major: Secondary Education Language, Literature, and Writing

Student-character memory: There was one instance where I was working with Premel on his math basics. Instead of asking for help on the basics, he asked me for the answer making me believe that he wanted to check his work. After realizing he just wanted the answers, I talked to him about how there are times in life where you don’t have the answers, but you have to figure them out. He realized what he did was wrong, and he understood that it’s better to ask for help. Since then, he’s improved in character and does excellent work in school.

Student's academic performance memory: I loved watching the juniors in Junior Scholars grow from each semester and getting the scores they want. It was definitely a challenge to keep them engaged, but for those who do stick to Junior Scholars perform incredibly well on the SATs.

Vision/Goal for UB: I want the students to be able to mentor each other and help each other grow.

Favorite UB component: Junior Scholars


Emmanuel Akor Akor (Mr. Akor)

Member since: Summer 2017 Tutor Akor

Role: Tutor - Mentor

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Student-character memory: A specific memory of Jack Lyon is inadequate as I have seen this young lad grow continuously since the day I met him. He is different! His maturity at such a young age, responsibility, and dedication is phenomenal. I dare to say he has set a standard for others to follow, and I am hopeful that he will only get better and better.

Student's academic performance memory: I remember Daniella Buendia’s academic improvement during the 2017 Summer Academy; it is one that will hardly leave my memory. Though she had fallen back in class, she was able to rise back up and thrive to get work done, though it cost her. That for me defines success; being able to rise up from, not settle for failure. And I do hope to see that in all of the kids too.

Vision/Goal for UB: My vision for the Upward Bound Family is to see the kids be “Upward Bound” in Character and their academic pursuit. I would not want to see any one of them be mediocre, or settle for less, but maximize the opportunities made available to them while they can, to better themselves. I want the boys to be as plants grown up in their youths, and the girls as cornerstones polished after the similitude of the palace. It does not come easy, but the Joy of the end result far outweighs the pain, and sacrifices during hard work.

Favorite UB component: My favorite UB component is the Summer Academy. I get to spend time with the kids outside the classroom, and I am opportune to see how effective they are in other areas of life. It is also a time where the kids get to experience what the college life is like, and I believe this goes a long way in preparing them for college.


Jessica Eddings (Ms. Eddings)

Member since: Fall 2016 Jess Tutor

Role: Tutor - Mentor

Major: Secondary Education in English, Undergrad

Student-character memory: After working with Kameko on his flashcards for English on a Thursday, college club ended soon after we finished making them. He asked me to keep them so we could study next Monday. Sure enough the next week he asked me if I was ready to continue studying for his test, and I was proud that he was able to stick to his word and take his learning seriously enough that he asked to study without prompting.

Student's academic performance memory: I loved watching Jasmine become more confident in herself and her school work and go on to dual enroll at Washtenaw Community College her senior year.

Vision/Goal for UB: My goal is to have everyone continue to grow up into individuals with integrity who are not afraid to work hard for what they want.

Favorite UB component: I love College Club and watching their eyes light up when they understand something.



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