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Biology Workshops

Workshop Descriptions


BIO WS 1: Reading Scientific Journal Articles
In this workshop, participants examine the conventions and writing strategies utilized in published scientific journal articles. For this workshop, you must bring the assigned scientific journal article.

BIO WS 2: Preparing to Write for Upper-Level Science CoursesThis workshop provides detailed strategies for preparing to write scientific papers that meet upper-level science courses’ expectations. This workshop includes strategies for outlining, time management, and appropriate organization of a scientific paper.

BIO WS 3:  Developing Effective Collaboration StrategiesThis workshop helps participants develop strategies to use in their collaborative group projects.  The workshop covers various collaboration methods, as well as the roles of effective team members and time management skills.   

BIO WS 4: Revision Strategies for Scientific Writing
This workshop helps participants understand common feedback that many students receive on drafts of their scientific writing.  This workshop also helps participants learn to prioritize feedback in order to craft an effective revision plan to improve writing.  This workshop must be completed before WS 5.  

BIO WS 5: Using Instructor Feedback to Revise Your Scientific Writing
Once students have received instructor feedback on a draft, this workshop helps participants address that feedback effectively.  For this reason, WS 4 must be attended BEFORE WS 5.  This workshop may be repeated for credit up to three times.  For this hands-on workshop, you must bring a science paper on which you have already received instructor feedback and which you are revising. 

BIO WS 6: Presenting Your Scientific Research
This workshop provides practical strategies to help PowerPoint presentations look professional and to strengthen the delivery of scientific research. 



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