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Meet the VISION Staff

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Becca Timmermans, Program Coordinator Becca T.

Pronouns:  she/her/hers

Where I call home: Ypsilanti, although, I did most of my growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Major/Class Standing:  My undergraduate degree is in social work (and a gender studies minor) and I have a master's in social work degree with a focus in community organizing and children, youth and families.

Why VISION: I have been the coordinator for the VISION Volunteer Center since November 2014 and I love this work. It is such an honor to work with both students and communities. Our students have such wonderful things to offer the community and the community has such wonderful things to offer our students. As we engage in the community we must be having conversations about listening to the community, diversity, privilege, -isms, social justice, etc. Being a part of diversity and community involvement helps us to have the tools, language, and resources to have those conversations within the work of community engagement. Did I mention that we have amazing students and an amazing community? We have amazing students and an amazing community.

Tyler Dotson, Major Projects Coordinator Tyler

Pronouns:  she/her/hers

Where I call home: Cleveland, OH

Major/Class Standing: Neuroscience, Sophomore

Why VISION: I chose VISION because I wanted to play a key role in the volunteer opportunities that take place on and off campus and I also love being involved with the community I am in.




James Williams, Office Manager james

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Where I call home: Detroit, Michigan

Major/Class standing: Communication Major, Minor in Leadership and Entrepreneurship/Junior

Why VISION: I wanted to work with VISION because I seen a huge lack of black males who did volunteer work, but that was just the start. After doing more research I came to see that there is a lack of freshmen volunteers across the campus. Studies show that there is a link between student involvement and student success. My goal is to get students to do more than school and work every week. I want to get students to make a lasting impact and great memories to go along with it. VISION is the vehicle I will use to help students become impactful and successful.   



The VISION Volunteer Center is part of Diversity & Community Involvement