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Business and Finance Building

Business & Finance Building

Business and Finance Building
Historic Name(s): Health Building (1939-61), Frederick Alexander Music Building (1961-84), Business and Finance (1984-2003)

Date constructed: 1939

Date demolished : 2003

Architect: R. S. Gerganoff of Ypsilanti

Style of Architecture: PWA Moderne

Original Use: Health service building

Dates of renovation: Renovated in 1961 to become the music building

President John M. Munson

President John M. Munson
Glenadine Snow

Glenadine Snow

Most Recent Use: Financial Services

Current Use: Demolished-Date of Demolition: February 2003

History: During the mid-1930s through the early 1940s, President John M. Munson sponsored a wide variety of building projects on campus, including four dormitories, a new field house, and a the new Health Building. Built at a cost of $60,000, the new health center was intended to insure the good health of students.

Glenadine Snow, who had worked at the college since 1915, took charge of the newly built college health center when it opened in 1939. The new health center had accommodations for ten bed-patients, as well as offices and outpatient rooms. The first student to receive aid was Irving Hooper who suffered a dislocated shoulder. According to the student newspaper however, some forty students sought medical attention at the new hospital in order to see the new amenities. One student arrived out of breath one night with a broken arm but without his trousers. The stalwart health center workers braced his arm, but do not appear to have offered him further clothing. Charity did not extend so far.

The college health center moved to the new Snow Health Center in 1959. In 1961 the Health Building changed its name to the Frederick Alexander Music Building. During remodeling, workers installed practice rooms, teaching rooms, and studios for the music. In 1984 the name changed to Business and Finance Building because of confusion with the new Alexander Music Building built between 1978-80.

From 1984-2003, the building housed payroll and other important financial resources for the university. After the Business & Finance department was moved to the newly-renovated Hover Building, the Business and Finance building was demolished in February 2003 to make room for much-needed parking space on campus.

Location - Business & Finance Building


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