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Snow Health Center

Historic Name(s): Glenadine C. Snow Health Center.
Snow Health Center

Snow Health Center

Date Constructed: Ground broken 1958. Dedicated November 21, 1959.

Architect: Swanson Associates, Bloomfield Hills

Style of Architecture: International-Cement and steel framework

Original Use: Health services building

Dates of Renovation: 1974: renovated for efficiency, 1986-87: Expanded to accommodate child-care facilities

Current Use: Health services building

Glenadine C. Snow

Glenadine C. Snow

Snow Health Center's Mosaic Decoration

Snow Health Center’s Abstract Mosaic Decoration

History: Snow Health Center was named for Glenadine C. Snow who served as director of health services from 1917 to 1947 (see Business and Finance Building). The new health center replaced the old building in the context of a rapidly expanding university. It cost $750,000 to complete and the university borrowed the funds against student fees. Architects designed it to facilitate the practice of preventative medicine for Eastern’s campus. The new building contained three times the number of beds as the old health center. In normal circumstances, it could house 30 patients in quarters on the third floor but it had space for up to 150 in a disaster situation.

A brightly colored abstract mosaic decorates the entryway of the otherwise sober International style exterior. In 1958, the school held a competition in which it invited fine and industrial arts faculty to present ideas for a mosaic. The winning mosaic, decorates the wall outside the main entrance to the health center and adds color to the stark international building.

Over the years the facilities and services offered at the health center have been expanded. The first major renovation took place in 1974. Further renovations in 1986-87 expanded the facilities to accommodate infant, toddler, and pre-school child-care. Today, the health center has three areas of service available to students at Eastern: Health Care, Mental Health Care, and Child Care.

Location - Snow Health Center


Location of Snow Health Center (Click on the image for a bigger view)