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Why a Women's Resource Center?

A women's center provides a safe space for women to go on campus; a space where they feel welcomed and at peace. We are a place where women can be seen, heard, and believed. The WRC's physical space and all events are for trans and cis women; women of color; (dis)abled women; and women of any faith, socioeconomic status, body type, age, national origin, and sexual orientation.

Women have unique experiences that are often ignored by our male-dominated society. So often in our society and in our world, women do not have a safe place to go where their thoughts, opinions, and feelings are respected and valued. Here at EMU, we are that place.

Although we are a women's center, we provide a platform for creativity, discovery, and growth for all people. Men and trans-identified students, faculty, and staff are welcomed and encouraged to participate in our activities, opportunities, resources, and services.

The problems that women face on a daily basis, such as gender-based violence and discrimination are not just women's problems: they are part of a larger problem on a societal level. These problems harm men as well as women. Women and men need to work together as equal partners to eradicate these issues and move toward a society based on mutual respect and understanding. We hope to start, support, and sustain that process.

Women's Resource Center is part of Diversity & Community Involvement