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Peer Education Program

The Women's Resource Center is NOW recruiting for Peer Educators!

The application deadline is January 4, 2019. Please submit all applications here. 

Applicants MUST be available for training on EMU on campus on Friday February 8th and Saturday February 9th, 2019.

What is the peer education program? 

Peer Education is the teaching and learning of awareness about inequality, social injustice issues and health information. Peer Education can create a positive environment for transformational behavior in educating students as well as the community, who may share comparable life experiences and backgrounds.

This program was designed for student leadership on educating others on subjects like anti-violence and abuse, anti-harassment and discrimination, feminism and women’s health intervention. This program creates student leadership as well as student development. This program is intended to create a transformational leadership approach that causes positive transformation in the life of individuals and within our social systems. In its ideal approach form, it creates valuable and positive change towards health enhancing among peers.

What does a peer educator do?

Peer Educators provide a valuable link to several societal norms, such as unmasking health trends and changing attitudes related to sexual behavior. They are committed to teaching skills that will help students to reduce or prevent distressful life experiences and to resolve stressful situations more quickly should they arise. Peer Educators facilitate WRC developed workshops/training sessions, which cover a variety of topics on campus and in the community. Peer Educators develop an interactive dialogue, empowering discussions including lectures and presentations. Peer Educators may assist professional staff with outreach programming; assess student needs regarding issues such as mental health and provide stress management training to individual students.

*Applicants MUST be available for training on EMU on campus on Friday February 8th and Saturday February 9th, 2019.
Please contact Kimberly Dixson-Ferrell at [email protected] for any questions.

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