Adding/Editing a Faculty Page in Modern Campus CMS

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. To create a new faculty page, click into the faculty folder. Then click new and choose profile page.

A screenshot of step one


2. The form below will appear. Fill in this form like this:

  • Page Title: This should be the faculty member's name only.
  • Description: A sentence explaining what the user will find on this page.
  • Profile Section: fill in those items as requested.
  • File Name: This should be first initial, a dash and the last name.

Click create.

A screenshot of the faculty profile form

3. A profile page is opened. There are two ways to edit this profile. You can click the individual edit buttons as pictured below. To access more areas, click the orange multi-edit button.

A screenshot of the faculty profile page.

4. This is the area where you will add your headshot or edit the areas you filled out in step two. A few tips:

  • Headshots: Please use a nicely-taken photo of yourself for your headshot cropped to 300 pixels by 375 pixels. You may also request a headshot. We do not allow the block E or Swoop to be used in place of your headshot. If you do not have a headshot to use, you must use the official placeholder image. 
  • Department: Please do not put "Department of" or "School of", just put the subject area. Example: Chemistry or Dance.
  • Phone numbers: We do not use dashes in phone numbers. Please use periods.

A screenshot of step four

5. When you have completed your changes, be sure to click the blue "save" button at the bottom of the screen. Then click publish.

A screen shot of step five.

6. The last step is to go to the file view of the faculty folder, click on the three dots to the right of the "index" file and click the "publish" that appears. If you do not do this, your changes may not appear. When you check your changes live, if they do no appear, check the page in an incognito browser.

A screenshot of step six

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