Eastern Michigan University
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WGST Lecture Series 2016-2017

"Gender in the 2016 Presidential Elections" - October 27, 4pm Tower Room McKenny Hall 

  • Moderator:  Solange Simoes
  • Panelists:  Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, Rhonda Longworth, Judith Kullberg, Beth Henschen, Suzanne Gray, Janine Driver

"Nalgona Positivity Pride": Wed, Nov.2 12:30-2pm in Halle Library, room G03 

  • Nalgona Positivity Pride - from Los Angeles - started in response to the pervasiveness of hetero-normative white supremacist ideals in love your body campaigns.
  • Who runs NPP?
    A chubby warrior, DIY punx educator, and eating disorder survivor.
  • What does it mean?
    "Nalgona" means big butt in Spanish. It is used as an empowering term to reclaim our bodies. Big butt or small butt, NPP is about loving all bodies.
  • Goals?
    An end to feminist waves. We want lasting colorful queer-friendly tsunamis!! ...

WGST Lecture Seriees 2016-2017 calendar of events