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Student Work

Please check out our student work samples from various classes.  Click on the images to access the full pdfs.

 "Sofia Brewer-Berres, a graduate of the M.A. program in Women's and Gender Studies, created a documentary film entitled "Normalization of Rape Culture in Popular Film" for her final project.  The documentary analyzes how rape culture is perpetuated through blockbuster films, even when there are no explicit rape scenes.  In addition to interviews with gender and film scholars, the documentary includes discussion questions that allow for use within the classroom, in order to push students to think about the broader connections between gender formations and rape culture, especially within popular media.  This documentary can be utilized in intro-level Women's and Gender Studies, Media Studies, Sexuality Studies, or Film Studies courses, as well as in higher-level WGST courses that focus on either film or sexual and gendered violence or in higher-level Film or Media Studies courses with a focus on gender.  In order to use this film in your class, contact the filmmaker at sbrewerb@gmail.com."







WGST 379 Native Feminisms 
Student Posters from Dr. Falzetti's class
















Three WGST Undergraduate students presented papers at the EMU Undergraduate Symposium  

Moli Shomer, "The Homeless Orthodox Jewish Women: A Model for Building Female Spaces for Masculine Places"

Connor Rivera, "The History and Advancement of Transgender Healthcare"

Samuel Teeple "(Wo)men Who Have Sex with Men: Problematizing Behavior Based Models in HIV AIDS Research