Why I Chose EMU

Reem Yassine: ‘There were so many opportunities to become involved.’

Reem Yassine, a 2019 biology graduate who is now a medical student at Michigan State College of Osteopathic Medicine, says she chose to attend Eastern because of the many opportunities to become involved on campus.

The Honors College, Department of Diversity & Community Involvement, and the Biology department are examples of communities I joined,” she says. “I also really appreciated Eastern’s small class sizes.” 

Yassine also became engaged in social justice issues through Eastern’s Alternative Break program.

“The program centers on a week-long trip to a community that’s struggling with an issue like poverty, housing insecurity or homelessness,” she says. “We learn about the issue in advance and perform community service. The experience has opened my eyes to the social issues that plague my own community and have motivated me to become a more active citizen.”

Amazing research opportunities

Yassine says she also enjoyed the chance to complete and publish a senior thesis.

“I used C. elegans to study the impact that tumor development in the reproductive system has on surrounding healthy tissues,” she says. “There aren’t many universities that offer these kinds of opportunities for undergraduates to engage in research at this level. The chance to work on a project of my own with a faculty mentor for two years was an amazing experience.”

Yassine notes that everyone at Eastern is committed to student success.

“I had the opportunity to build strong relationships with my mentors, professor and advisors,” she says. “Staff and faculty are truly committed to getting to know their students and help them succeed.”

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