Why I Chose EMU

Tyler Calhoun: ‘My professors have made all the difference.’

“The high-quality instruction and personal relationships I’ve formed with my professors has really made my time at Eastern memorable,” says Tyler Calhoun, a master’s student from Brownstown studying Interpretation and Performance Studies. “You can’t help but become close when you go to their classrooms, meet with them during their office hours, and attend evening performance rehearsals.”

That closeness is just one reason why Tyler chose EMU. He’s also received numerous scholarships through his academic department.

“Opportunities abound at Eastern,” says Tyler, who earned two undergraduate degrees from EMU—one in Communication and a second in Theatre Arts with a specialization in Drama Theatre for the Young. “There’s a lot to discover, from unique academic programs to academic resources to personal counseling. Ypsilanti itself is also a little gem—you’ll find many kind people on and off-campus.”

Tyler Calhoun


Tyler adds that his classes have allowed him to further explore and develop his interests.

“Of the classes I’ve taken, my favorite is Performing the Self,” says Tyler, who wants to work in higher education as a performance art instructor. “Before enrolling in that class, I felt as if my stories didn’t matter to anyone besides myself. That course allowed me to find my voice and poetic style.

“I also developed a new passion: autoethnography, which is about self-reflection and relating your own story to a larger audience. Now, I’m able to incorporate advocating for social change into my performances. I want to see more diverse representation and inclusion of minorities and people with different sexual orientations within performance art and academia.

“There’s truly a lot awaiting you at EMU. You’ll be surprised at how much Eastern has to offer.”

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