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Success Stories



  • Andrea Binz and Ellen Collier-1girl
  • Ashley Falzetti-Woman to Woman: Algonquian Grammar in the Home
  • Christine Lancaster-Professional Readiness Exam Preparation Pilot (PREPP)
  • Lynn Malinoff-Helping At-Risk Students Persist: A Conference for EMU, Local Educators, and School Districts
  • Michelle Gaines-Early College Alliance@EMU-Girls Group
  • Jill Hunsberger-Faculty Ambassadors Program
  • Jacqueline Goodman-Unpacking the Moroccan Feminist Movement's Success
  • Kate Pittsley-Making a 'Dent" in the Textbook Problem: Library E-Books for Course Readings: A Collaboration Between Department Faculty and the EMU Library
  • Anne L. Balazs-The Finishing Touch: A Resource for Job Seeking Students
  • Melissa Robinson, Molly Peabody, Jason DeCamillis, and Janet Fisher-Connecting the Dots Conference 2015


  • Taylor Kirchoff - French Medieval Bioarchaeological Research Experience for EMU Undergraduate Collaborators
  • Megan Connolly - The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Mentorship Program (SMP)
  • Valerie Polakow and Marjorie Ziefert - Voices of Student Parents
  • DeAnna Gapp - Removing Road Blocks in High Attrition Classes
  • Kryn Ambs - The Influence of Cockpit Automation on Pilot Decision-Making in Severe Weather Conditions
  • Peggy Liggit - Internationally Accredited Certificate Program for Teaching in Higher Ed for EMU Faculty/Lecturers/GA’s
  • Jacinda Lisi - EMU STEM-athon!
  • Heather Kahn - Local Tourism Initiatives as Strategies for Economic Development: Examining the Catalytic Role of Convention and Visitors Bureaus (CVBs)
  • Hannah Keener and Emily Kent - EMU Women's Rowing


  • Kevin Dorn - Ann Arbor Learning Community at Leslie Science and Nature Center doing Annie's Big Nature Lesson
  • Sherry Jerome Wilkinson - Ballet Project
  • Martin Shictman - Becoming Jewish in America: an Extended Programs Course
  • Chris Aris - Bringing Nature Into Children's Lives: Children's Institute Outdoor Classroom
  • Reggie Barnes - BrotherHOOD (Helping Others Obtain Degrees) Initiative
  • Amy Johnson - Collaborations between Preservice and Inservice Teachers to Support the Implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Caroline Sanders - Educating Our Future-Girls Mentoring
  • Gabriela Dumitrascu - EMU Math Summer Camp
  • Kathy Orscheln and Bethany Fort - EMU's First Teaching-Learning Academy: a pilot project
  • Elise Buggs - Keys to Degrees Student Parent Awareness Day
  • MeeAe Nam - Recording of songs of Théodore Gouvy, the great French composer of 19th Century


  • Lois Vasquez - Go Green:  A Year of Sustainability at Eastern Michigan University
  • Robin Lucy - EMU Inside Out - Women's and Gender Studies and Language and Literature
  • Sarah Schrader - Social Behavior in Two Species of African Tarantula
  • Lorinda Rausch - The Travels and Teaching of Ms. Clara Janet Allison:  Professor of Classics at Michigan State Normal College 1918-1940
  • Amanda Lefeld - Addressing the Need for Women's Healthcare
  • Julia R. Myers - Detroit's African American Artists 1926-1986:  From the Pen and Palette Club to Gallery 7 and the National Conference of Artists
  • Suzanne Gray - Supporting Communication Across the Curriculum through the Academic Projects Center
  • Robert Duke - Women in Michigan Agricultural History Exhibit at Tillers International
  • Elisabeth Daumer - Muriel Rukeyser Website
  • Marilyn Wedenoja - Gaining a Global Worldview through Service Learning in Jamaica
  • Betty Brown-Chappell - Memories and Memorabilia:  A Teaching Model


  • Martin Shichtman - Scholarship Funding for "Representing the Holocaust" a Study Abroad Course
  • Anita Rich - Let's Watch: Playing with and Learning Through our Stories
  • Lisa Andrews - Bridges to Understanding
  • Leslie Atzmon - Open Book catalog and Intensive Summer Workshop at EMU Parsons Center
  • Becky Boog - Creating a World of Active Citizens: Alternative Spring Breaks
  • Rebecca Sipe - Honors Diversity Ambassadors
  • Maria Milletti - Building a Summer Research Experience in the Chemistry Department
  • Claudia Petrescu - Engaging Communities through Student-Led Philanthropy


January 2015

  • Women in Philanthropy group at EMU announces 10 grants

October 2014

  • Deadline is Oct. 12 to apply for a grant from Women in Philanthropy at EMU

March 2014

  • New skills give EMU Student Funders Group competitive edge in workforce

March 2012

  • Biology student shows that spiders can be social

August 2011

  • Chemistry grant allows EMU students to work as mentors

March 2011

  • EMU students award grants to local nonprofit organizations

November 2010

Start up

  • Read about our start-up plans and inspiration in the Fall 2010 issue of Eastern Magazine.
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