Eastern Michigan University
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12th EMU German-American Day 2017, Oct. 26, 2017, 3–6 p.m.

Mc Kinny Ballroom.

We invite area German High School Students and their Teachers as part of EMU "Campus German Week." This event is supported by German Embassy, Washington, D.C., German Consulate General Chicago, and German Info


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The German Section has hosted the annual German-American Day event. This event is centered around the national holiday of the same name which was designed to honor German-American citizens and their contributions to American culture and society. The EMU celebration of this event centers around the following:

‐ to provide EMU students with an on-campus cultural event (participating EMU student earn Learning Beyond the Classroom Gen. Ed. credits)
‐ to provide EMU students with an opportunity to participate in the event
‐ an opportunity to work together with the students of the German Club, who
also help to host and fund the event
‐ to highlight features of the EMU German program and the department in
general for the purpose of recruitment
‐ to recruit high school students (various high school teachers and their
students are invited)
‐ to promote outreach to and collaboration with area high schools
‐ to promote outreach to the local community (in the past we have invited
community members to speak at the event)
‐ to promote outreach to the college community (WCC, U of M)
‐ to honor other EMU faculty colleagues with German heritage by inviting them
to speak
‐ to honor our donors of endowed scholarships by inviting them to participate in
the event as speakers, as well as distinguished guests

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