Featured Students

"I owe my deepest thanks to the EMU German LIC Program for providing me the skills which were the deciding factor in my selection for an international project with a large German automaker. These skills have since become vital in my day-to-day work as an expatriate in Germany and will continue well beyond this project."  -Joseph Eilerman (Alumnus LIT-German, pictured on the right), January 2015

"Hallo! My name is Kelsey. I'm in the German LIC program with a minor in economics. I transferred from Central Maine Community College because I felt Eastern would be a great opportunity for me. My long term goal is to become a translator for a company or organization. I studied German from 6th grade to my sophomore year of high school. After the long break, my love for the German language and culture has brought me back. I'm about to complete German 122 and look forward to studying abroad this summer!"  -Kelsey, April 2017

"Big thanks to the EMU German department, for teaching me literally everything I know! I just completed my first series of successful business tele-correspondences in German." -Hannah 'Cat' Hilbert (LIC-German Major), December 2014

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