Placement Test

The Department of World Languages requires students studying German, French, Japanese and Spanish to take the a placement test unless they have no previous knowledge of the language or have successfully completed their last course in that language at EMU less than one year before the semester in which they are enrolling. The results of your exam will indicate which course level you can register in. Please take your exam as soon as possible.


To register for French courses, you must to take the CAPE, a computer administered exam. Because the CAPE is administered individually, the time required varies from about 10–45 minutes (averages less than 30 minutes). 

To take the CAPE:

  • Make an appointment with the World Languages Department.
  • Bring a picture ID to your appointment but don't bring books, paper, notes, writing instruments, etc.
  • Write your name and student number in the blanks on the sheet provided to you by the staff.
  • When you have completed the CAPE, ask for help from the staff. They will record your score and tell you what course you should register for. You will receive a copy for your records.


To register for German, you must to take the online, departmental German placement test.

Questions? Contact Professor Carla Damiano at [email protected].

Japanese and Spanish

To register for Japanese or Spanish courses, you must take the AVANT placement test.