Apply for one of our many language scholarships. See individual listing for requirements.

World Languages Scholarships

  • The R. Clyde Ford Endowed Scholarship

    The Twenty Club of Ypsilanti established the R. Clyde Ford Memorial Scholarship in honor of one of its members. Dr. Ford was a member of the Michigan State Normal College faculty from 1903 to 1940. He was Head of the Department of Modern Language from 1903 to 1940 as well as a classical scholar, a friend of students, and a leader of the faculty. The desire of the Twenty Club was that the earnings of the fund, after the principle reached $1,000, be available for scholarships to students in the Modern Language Department. The faculty of the Department of Modern Language are to select the recipient from seniors in the modern language field.

  • Foreign Language Study Abroad Endowed

    To provide financial support for students who study non-English language and culture in the country of the target language. The award is to be made regularly, at least annually, to a student or students chosen by the Department of World Languages or its successor.
  • The Jean and Bayard Bidwell Endowed Scholarship

    To provide financial support to a junior or senior student pursuing a degree in a non-English language. The award shall be based on academic standing with financial need being secondary. The award may be used for expenses to travel to study the culture in the country of the target language or for tuition. The award is to be made regularly, at least annually, to a student or students chosen by the Department of World Languages or its successor.
  • The Elizabeth J. Morgan and David O. Woike Endowed Scholarship

    The scholarship is to be awarded to a student in good standing. The student must have demonstrated experience or knowledge of international history and culture.

    Must prepare required essay and personal statement of two pages to be reviewed by the scholarship committee assigned by the departments of 1) Music and Dance, and 2) World Languages.


  • Henry Owens Endowed

    Successful completion of two courses in French at the third year level by the end of the Fall semester. Declared major in French with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or better in all French courses and a 2.5 or better GPA overall.
  • Paul Adam Kozma Endowed

    To provide an annual scholarship based on financial need to an upperclassman studying in the Eastern Michigan University Language and International Trade Program or Language and International Careers (LIC).
    • Restricted to an LIT or LIC student concentrating in French.
    • If in any year no French student is available, then other LIT and LIC students may be considered.

    *Note that in 2002 Mr. Kozma’s father agreed that student in the Language and World Business program are also eligible.

  • Pen-ar-Bed Expendable Fund for Study in France Scholarship

    To be awarded to undergraduate French majors, with preference to students enrolled in the French Teaching Education Program at EMU. Students should demonstrate financial need (as determined by the EMU Financial Aid Office) and should have a minimum GPA of 3.5.


  • Florentine O. and Egbert R. Isbell Endowed

    The Florentine O. Isbell Scholarship Fund was established by her family and friends at the time of her death in 1957. Mrs. Isbell was a native of Munich, Germany. She met her husband while he was a student on an exchange fellowship from the Institute of International Education at the University of Frankfurt am Main. She came to this country in 1927, and during the subsequent thirty years of her life here formed a deep respect and attachment for American democratic ideals and institutions. At the same time, she was proud of her native background, and particularly loved its literature, poetry, and music. This scholarship is designed to assist, from time to time as circumstances permit, students from Germany as selected by the Institute of International Education to study at Eastern Michigan University. The same purpose was retained when this became a joint scholarship upon the sudden death of Dr. Isbell in 1968, only a few months after his retirement.
  • German Scholarship

    EMU student studying German, based on need and merit to participate in the EMU German Summer Program at Heinrich-Heine University, Dusseldorf or Justus Liebig University, Giessen, Germany.
  • John Hubbard Memorial Endowed

    The Foreign Languages and Bilingual Studies Department have instituted the Dr. John R. Hubbard Memorial fund to help a student in need of study abroad.  It is offered first to a student majoring in German then open to majors in other languages.


    • Minimum of 3.0 GPA
    • Two years at EMU or equivalent language proficiency
    • An application
    • A statement of purpose
    • Two recommendation letters from professors
  • Marie Schultz Rohde Memorial Endowed

    To provide financial support for declared German language majors or minors who wish to study the German language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or in other German-speaking countries, or who wish to pursue general studies in German-speaking countries. Award recipients must be enrolled in an accredited study-abroad program or language class. Awards may be made for intensive summer study or for periods of one or two semesters. Awards shall be merit-based, without consideration of financial aid or financial need.  Applicants will submit an application form, official transcript, and other documentation as designated by a faculty committee. The committee will select the winner in accordance with its own procedures. Applicants must be declared German majors or minors, and shall have achieved third-year (Junior) status in studying German at Eastern Michigan University. Students are considered to have Junior status in the summer following their Sophomore year. Candidates for the scholarship must show a minimum 2.5 overall GPA and a minimum 3.0 in all German courses at Eastern Michigan University. Applicants must have taken at least one German class at Eastern Michigan University before becoming eligible for this scholarship. If in any year no German student candidates are available or suitable, then the award may be granted to faculty in the German Department at Eastern Michigan University who sponsor or attend scholarly seminars, conferences or symposia.


  • Japanese School of Detroit Endowed

    EMU undergraduate student majoring in Japanese whose GPA is 3.0 or above. Must be registered for the approved EMU Academic Study Abroad program in Japan. Student must demonstrate financial need.


  • Ronald Cere Scholarship

    Students must be EMU graduate or undergraduate majors or minors in Spanish.  Based on need and merit to participate in an EMU Study Abroad Program. Preference will be given to an EMU Junior or Senior. The award is to be made annually to a student or students chosen by the Department of World Languages or its successor.
  • Spanish Expendable Study Abroad

    EMU graduate or undergraduate major or minor in Spanish, based on need and merit to participate in a EMU Study Abroad Program. Preference will be given to EMU Juniors or Seniors. Award is to be made annually to a student or students chosen by the Department of World Languages or its successor.


  • Buckheister Endowed

    Supports TESOL student travel to professional conferences run by TESOL, Inc., the international professional association at state, national or international venues. To support students who are pursuing degrees in EMU’s Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) undergraduate and graduate programs, at conferences organized by International TESOL, Inc. and its affiliates, with preference for those students presenting at conferences.