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Educational Environment and Facilities Committee


The Educational Environment & Facilities Committee (EE&FC) was initially established by a Memorandum of Understanding between Eastern Michigan University (EMU) and the EMU American Association of University Professors (refer to Appendix K of the 2006 Collective Bargaining Agreement between EMU – EMU AAUP).  The EEFC was charged with responsibilities to plan, analyze, make recommendations, and/or facilitate issues related to buildings and instructional facilities that house various colleges and offices within the Division of Academic Affairs.  The committee also serves as one means to provide official input to the Provost regarding facilities. It was agreed that the EEFC would:

  1. Assist with planning the facilities needs of Academic Affairs, such as building new instructional facilities and renovating or upgrading existing facilities.
  2. Assist with evaluating the current physical, climatic, and technology conditions in EMU’s classrooms, labs, and faculty offices, and recommend such improvements as may be appropriate.
  3. Assist with setting divisional maintenance and renovation priorities for classrooms such as furniture and instructional equipment needs.

Committee Membership

The committee is composed of sixteen members, including seven representatives appointed by Faculty Senate as follows: two from the College of Arts and Sciences and one from each of the other colleges and the library. The AAUP appoints one faculty member to serve on the committee. The Faculty Senate also identifies one of the appointed faculty members to serve as committee co-chair. Eight administrative appointees, including an administrator from each college and one from the Library, are appointed by the Provost’s Office. The Provost's Office appoints one of these individuals to co-chair the committee. In addition, the Chief of Operations of Physical Plant shall designate a non-voting representative to the committee. The administrative and faculty co-chairs collaborate on developing agendas and scheduling meetings.

Click here for the Memorandum of Understanding establishing the committee. (PDF format)

Membership Roster 2014-2015

Administrative Appointments
TBD, College of Arts & Sciences
James Carroll, Co-Chair, Provost’s Office
Susann deVries, Library
Christine Karshin, College of Health & Human Services
Don Keller, College of Technology
Beth Kubitskey, College of Education
TBD, College of Arts & Sciences
Fraya Wagner-Marsh, College of Business

Faculty Senate Appointments
John Dugger, College of Technology
Patrick Koehn, Co-Chair, College of Arts & Sciences
Pamela Lemerand, College of Health & Human Services
Sandy Norton, College of Arts & Sciences
Eric Owen, Halle Library
Denise Tanguay, College of Business
Tierney Orfgen, Alternate
Vacant, College of Education

AAUP Representative
Rita Bullard, Halle Library

Ex-Officio Members
Robert Densic, Physical Plant
Carl Powell, Information Technology
Scott Storrar, Physical Plant

Revised: 12/12/14