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We offer several exciting academic programs and General Education courses to help students meet their learning and career goals. Go to the links below for more information.



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Undergraduate Certificate in African Studies (12 hrs)


Graduate Certificate in African American Studies (15 hrs)







Real life examples of what you can do with a degree in African American Studies




















  General Education Courses


Double Majoring in African American Studies & other Disciplines

  • As a multi-subject discipline, African American Studies lends itself to double-majoring with a wide variety of other disciplines, depending upon the skills set, intellectual and career interests of the student. Within the limits of the 124 credit hours required for obtaining an undergraduate degree from EMU, a student has room enough to complete two areas of expertise--that is, two majors. Double majoring enables a student to be able to validly claim two areas of expertise which can only help, not hurt, in today's unstable job market. If you choose to double-major in African American Studies and a second major, take note that you must seek and receive advising for your second major, from the department that hosts that second major. For all questions pertaining to your African American Studies major, you can contact Dr. Victor Okafor, either by email (vokafor@emich.edu) or by telephone, 734-487-3460.


Below are examples of double-majoring options