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Program Degrees Department College
Hotel and Restaurant Management Cert. School of Technology and Professional Services Management Technology
Marketing Management Cert. Marketing Business
Quality Improvement in Health Care Cert. School of Nursing Health and Human Services
Quality Management Cert. School of Engineering Technology Technology
Management Cert. Management Business
Online Teaching Cert. Teacher Education Education
Early Literacy Instruction Cert. Teacher Education Education
Dementia Cert. School of Health Sciences Health and Human Services
Geographic Information Systems for Professionals Cert. Geography and Geology Arts and Sciences
Human Resource Management Cert. Management Business
Medical Economics Cert. Economics Arts and Sciences
Supply Chain Management Cert. Marketing Business
Information Assurance Management Cert. School of Information Security and Applied Computing Technology
Project Leadership Cert. School of Visual and Built Environments Technology
Integrated Marketing Communications Cert. Marketing Business
Literacy Coaching Cert. Teacher Education Education
E-Business Cert. Marketing Business
German for Business Practices Cert. World Languages Arts and Sciences
International Business Cert. Marketing Business
Nonprofit Management Cert. Political Science Arts and Sciences

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