Eastern Michigan University

University Licensed Software

The Division of Information Technology maintains site licenses for several software packages intended for academic use.


The Autodesk website is at www.autodesk.com. I.T. currently maintains a campus license agreement for the Autodesk Education Master Suite program. 

Autodesk also makes full versions of many of their products available to students for installation on personally owned machines. Further information is available at students.autodesk.com.


The ESRI website is located at www.esri.com.

Available software includes:
ArcGIS Desktop 10
ArcGIS Server (Windows/Unix) 10
ArcGIS Server Enterprise for Windows 10
ArcIMS 10
ArcSDE 10
ArcPAD 10

ESRI Virtual Campus - Several online courses for ESRI ArcGIS software are available to members of the university community at campus.esri.com. Please send an email to aric.kirkland@emich.edu from a my.emich.edu account to request an access code for the desired class.

Microsoft Office

Office 2013 Professional is available for all university-owned Windows based computers. Each suite includes Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Publisher, Outlook, and Infopath.

Office 2011 for Mac is available for all university-owned Apple computers.

Employee Home Use - EMU employees may purchase a copy of Office for home use through Kivuto Solutions, a Microsoft partner, as part of the Microsoft Home Use Program. Please visit http://emich.onthehub.com to purchase.

MiniTab for Windows

The MiniTab website is located at www.minitab.com. I.T. maintains a limited campus site license for MINITAB 16 for Windows.

The maintenance updates for Minitab are freely available from the Minitab support website. Technical support and other services are also available through the Minitab Customer Center. Professors and students may also rent MINITAB and MINITAB Quality Companion online through e-academy.com or call 877.616.0662.


The SPSS website is located at www.spss.com. I.T. currently maintains a campus license for installation of SPSS on machines owned by the university. SPSS versions 21 and 20 are available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X machines. The license includes the SPSS Base package as well as the Advanced and Regression models.

Purchasing Student SPSS Options - Students may obtain versions of SPSS software for personal machines through several sources. The Student Version and Graduate Pack are both economical options available through the University Computer Store and online sources such as journeyEd, e-academy, and Pearson. A description of the different student versions can be found on the SPSS website.

Installation: Contact the Help Desk at 734.487.2120 or email it.helpdesk@emich.edu.

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