Eastern Michigan University

Requesting Division of Information Technology Services

There are three ways to request Division of Information Technology (IT) services, depending on the type of request being made:


Technical Incidents and Standard Change Requests

The IT Help Desk acts as a hub for reporting technical incidents (i.e., a reduction in quality; an interruption in service; a failure of service) or requesting a standard change (e.g., a security access upgrade). See the IT Help Desk Service Level Expectations document for a list of their supported services. Contact the IT Help Desk (it.helpdesk@emich.edu or 734.487.2120) to report technical incidents or request a standard change.


Mailing Label and Data Extract Requests

The Mailing Label and Data Extract Requests Form is used to request IT data services (e.g., mailing labels and data extracts). See Mailing Label and Data Extract Requests for more information.

Note: Mailing label data extract requests are typically completed within 10 business days.


Request for Service (RFS)

The Request for Service (RFS) form is used to request IT programming (e.g., enhancements to administrative systems) or data services (e.g., development of reports).

RFS Process:

  1. 1. The requestor completes and submits a Request for Service (RFS) form .
  2. 2. The request is received and logged into the IT unassigned requests inventory and given a tracking number.
    Note: The request remains unassigned until IT and departmental resources are available to work on it. If the request remains unassigned for six months, the requestor is contacted to reassess the need.
  3. 3. Once IT and departmental resources are available, the request is analyzed.
    Note: During this phase, any specific details (aka business requirements) are gathered, a project plan may be devised, and the feasibility of completing the project is assessed.
  4. 4. When appropriate, a project plan is reviewed by IT and the requestor. Once reviewed, the requestor approves the plan and it becomes an active project or the request is withdrawn.

Once the request becomes an active project, the assigned IT staff will work with the requestor to complete the project in accordance with any project plan.

Division of Information Technology

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