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Cummings Center for the History of Psychology | PSY 451 Winter 2017 field trip

Winter 2018 Advising Hours

Faculty Search | ABA Assistant Professor Tenure track position available beginning Fall 2018.

Dr. Jamie Lawler joins EMU’s Department of Psychology this fall as an Assistant Professor.

The Psychology Department is looking for student help for Winter 2018. If you are interested, please complete an application and submit it to the front office for consideration (may also be emailed to astauffe@emich.edu). Priority will be given to students with work study awards, though everyone may be considered due to availability and need.

Study Abroad in Psychology

Check out some highlights from Psychology's first Study Abroad course, from Summer 2014, here! PSY 453 was offered again as a study abroad opportunity in Summer 2016. Check back soon for additional highlights and information.

Registration Note

Wait lists have been established for PSY 205 & PSY 301W. Further details about wait lists can be found here. Please DO NOT contact an instructor about an override for PSY 205 or 301W.

Psychology, as a discipline, is concerned with the experience, behavior, needs, desires and potential of human beings. It is basic to self-development, and to career fields and life pursuits that involve other human beings.

Objectives of the department are to provide a general and in-depth survey of the fields of the science of psychology for students interested in diversified career fields; to prepare undergraduate students to pursue graduate studies in order to enter one of the several professional career areas for which the major is required: clinical psychology, industrial psychology, school psychology, teaching and research in psychology, for example; and to help students who are interested in self-development obtain current and sound approaches to problems of topical interest.

Graduate study leads to a master’s degree in psychology with programs in general psychology, clinical psychology, clinical behavioral psychology and to the Ph.D. in clinical psychology. These programs are described in the graduate catalog.