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WAC Director

Ann M. Blakeslee, Ph.D.
Department of English Language and Literature
614 Pray-Harrold
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Joy Versluis, M.A.
Assistant Director

Writing Across the Curriculum

The Writing Across the Curriculum program at Eastern Michigan University strives to develop a cohesive writing experience for students throughout their academic experience at the university. The WAC program helps faculty use writing effectively in their classes, and it assists programs with integrating writing and taking a systematic approach to writing instruction throughout their curricula. The program is concerned with helping all students on campus to become effective and successful writers.

WAC has three premises that the EMU program upholds:

  • Writing must be practiced and reinforced throughout the curriculum;
  • To write is to learn;
  • The responsibility for student writing is university-wide.

Writing Across the Curriculum