Faculty Load & Compensation (FLAC) Guide

  • FLAC Data Entry In Banner Expand dropdown

    Before you enter any of the following FLAC data, you need to have the course section created and the instructor assigned to the section. Then you will enter the following information:

    • SIAINST - Add Contract Type (PL)
    • SIAASGN - Add Contract Type, Position Number, and Position Number Suffix to each teaching assignment.

    NOTE: If you have more than one instructor for a section, you will need to change the percent of responsibility on SSASECT. Visit the SSASECT - Check Percent of Responsibility section. If you pay by contact hours, you will need to edit the Contact Hours on SSASECT. Contact the Dean's office for more information.

  • FLAC Data Review in My.Emich Expand dropdown

    Once the FLAC extract has run overnight, you will be able to review your FLAC data in My.Emich. Navigate to the Employee link >> Faculty Load and Compensation link.

    FLAC Extract:  The FLAC extract runs automatically on a nightly basis. You will not be able to see any assignments in My.Emich until the extract runs.

    • Faculty Compensation Administration link - View FLAC assignments in your department, grouped by instructor. You can drill down by clicking on an individual course section.
    • Summary View of Locked and Unlocked Status link - View Lock status and Acknowledgment status in a list view. There is no filter for department or college.
  • Making Changes to FLAC Data Expand dropdown

    If you need to change a teaching assignment after reviewing it in My.Emich, follow these steps:

    1. Change the teaching assignment in Banner.
    2. Restart the assignment in My.Emich - Click the Restart checkbox for that teaching assignment, then click Restart Selected Employees to restart on or more records.
    3. This will manually rin the FLAC extract process to make your changes viewable in My.Emich.
  • SIAINST - Add Contract Type Expand dropdown

    Each instructor must have the appropriate Contract Types assigned to them. Once the Contract Types are entered once for an instructor, this step can be skipped for subsequent terms. Navigate to the SIAINST form:

    1. Enter the instructor's EID in the ID field.
    2. Enter the desired term in the Term field.
    3. Click the Go button.
    4. Navigate to the second page and enter PL in the TYPE field.
    5. Click the Save button.
  • SSASECT - Check Percent of Responsibility Expand dropdown

    Navigate to the SSASECT form.

    1. Enter the desired term in the Term field.
    2. Enter the desired CRN in the CRN field.
    3. Click the Go button.
    4. Click the Meeting Times and Instructor tab.
    5. Check the percent in the Percent of Responsibility field.
      • Standard Teaching Assignment - 100%
      • Team Teaching Assignment - Value must add up to 100%
    6. Click the Save button.
  • Hours Per Week / Session Credit Hours Expand dropdown

    Navigate to the SSASECT form.

    1. From the Meeting Times and Instructor tab, click the Meeting Location and Credits tab.
    2. Verify the contact hours for the section in the Hours per Week field. On SIAASGN this is the Weekly Contact field.
    3. Verify the credit hours for the section in the Session Credit Hours field. On SIAASGN this is the Institutional Credit field.
    4. If you change any values here, click the Save button.

    NOTE: Contact the Dean's office if you have any questions regarding these hours.

  • SIAASGN - Assign HR Information Expand dropdown

    This is where the instructor pay is connected to the courses the instructor is assigned to teach.

    NOTE: Compensation Extracted - Shows the extract has run. Compensation Applied - Shows the HR pay record has been created. Once this is checked, any changes will need to be made on a PAF.

    1. Enter the instructor's EID in the ID field.
    2. Click the Go button.

    NOTE: You should see a separate record for each CRN the instructor is assigned to teach. You need to populate three fields for each CRN.

    1. Type PL in the Contract Type field.
    2. Type the position number in the Position Number field.

    NOTE: Visit the University Budget Office page, then click PROCESSES for a list of position numbers.

    1. Type the position number suffix in the Position Number Suffix field.

    NOTE: The suffix code must be unique for each instructor teaching assignment (01, 02, 03, etc.). You can find the suffix code used for that instructor using the Position Suffix Search in My.Emich, which indicates the next suffix you are to use for that PCN.

    1. Repeat these steps for each teaching assignment for an instructor.
    2. When you are finished, click the Save button.
  • Employee Position Suffix Search Tool Expand dropdown

    Each job record for pay needs a suffix number to go along with the Position Control Number (PCN), which indicates which org number that the pay amount will be changed to. You can go to the University Budget website and find a list of PCNs for departments (fall/winter, summer or for adjuncts who do non-institutional work).

    1. Log into My.Emich
    2. Click the Employee tab.
    3. Click the Position Suffix Search.
    4. Enter the EID for the PTL you want to look up and then enter the appropriate PCN you need to have a suffix for.
    5. For a rehire, you should see the PTL listed (with some previous numeric suffixes noted) and then a statement of the next suffix to use. If this is a new hire or if you are hiring a PTL on a PCN for the first time, such as a summer PCN, you should then start with suffix 00.
    6. If you get this message please contact Mary Linblade in Academic Human Resources to check on the issue for you.

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