Part-time Lecturer Pay Setup (FLAC)


If you are an Academic Department Secretary, Academic Department Head, School Director, or Associate Dean, you may be a participant in the setup of Part-Time Lecturer's pay. FLAC is the process that combines schedule information with instructor information to pay them for their teaching assignments. The FLAC system is used to process most Part-Time Lecturer assignments for payroll. The only exceptions are Part-Time Lecturers who are paid using an Equivalency (such as paying someone the equivalent of four (4) credit hours for teaching a three (3) credit hour course).

Support & Contact Info

  • Contact Academic Human Resources for more information or if you have any questions about the Part-Time Lecturer (FLAC) pay setup process.

Supporting Systems

Instructions (Tasks)

  • FLAC Data Entry in Banner  - Before you enter any of the following FLAC data, you need to have the course section created and the instructor assigned to the section. Then you will assign a PL contract type (SIAINST) and then add the contract type, position number, and position number suffix to each teaching assignment.Visit the Faculty Load and Compensation (FLAC) guide for more information.
  • FLAC Data Review in My.Emich - Once the FLAC extract has run overnight, you will be able to review your FLAC data in My.Emich. Visit the Faculty Load and Compensation (FLAC) guide for more information.
  • Faculty Assignment Review (FLAC) Report - Track Part-time Lecturer assignments processed using FLAC via this BOE report:
  1. Navigate to the Student Information >> Course & Section Reports >> Faculty Assignment Review FLAC report.
  2. Right-click the Faculty Assignment Review FLAC report listing and select View from the list.
  3. Select the desired term code in the Enter Term Code field.
  4. Double-click to select the desired department from the Department list.
NOTEIf you select a college or department, then delete All from the box. A college is not necessary if a department is selected.
  1. Click the OK button.
NOTE: The first twelve (12) columns in the report displays course section information that is found in Banner (SSASECT). Position Number, Position Number Suffix and Contract Type are also pulled from Banner (SIAASGN).
The Compensation Amount is pulled from the FLAC extract. Keep these tips in mind when viewing this data:
  • The Compensation Amount will not appear here until the extract is run overnight.
  • If you edit anything in Banner after the extract has run, you can restart the record in order to run the extract manually.
  • If you restart the record, you will be able to view the updated data in My.Emich and this report immediately.

The Class Sections - No Faculty Assigned Report - The  Class Sections - No Faculty Assigned report is also useful for monitoring your sections. This report will show sections with no faculty assigned, whether you are paying them with FLAC or not. 

NOTE: IST classes are not shown on this report.

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