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What is UNIV 101L3?

UNIV is a course designed to help first-year students transition to the academic rigors of college. Students completing UNIV earn higher grades and persist at higher rates than their peers.  

UNIV 101L3 will be run as a hybrid model for Fall 2020, including online virtual content and up to 3 face-to-face meetings throughout the semester.

Students learn how to successfully navigate the university system, what study techniques can enhance their grades, and how to live and learn in a multicultural environment. In addition, the classes are small and allow students to develop individual relationships with the faculty/staff teaching team members and other students in the class. This class prepares students for success at EMU and beyond.


Students in a classroom

What you'll learn in UNIV

  • Time management skills
  • Navigating the University services and departments
  • The power of a Growth Mindset
  • Academic planning
  • Career researching
  • Learning strategies
  • Critical thinking
  • Information literacy
  • Fundamentals of personal finance
  • Motivation and decision-making
  • So much more about yourself!

Course Syllabus [PDF]

UNIV Common Read Program: Fall 2019

 Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha speaks at EMU


UNIV Common Read Program: On Hold for Fall 2020

Recent Comments from anonymous student evaluations

  • "The knowledge I gained in UNIV helped me in other classes as it taught me more effective ways to take notes and retain information." 2018
  • "The part [of the curriculum] that helped me the most was the critical thinking and the goal setting, because I was able to apply these things to all of my other classes. I feel as though it really helped me understand the material more and I also feel more accomplished because I created many goals over the semester that I was able to achieve." 2018
  • "The academic and career planning section in this class really helped me out. If we didn't schedule to go to our advisor in that class I don't think I would have ever figured out that that's what we're supposed to do." 2018
  • "UNIV taught me different ways of learning, note taking, and even studying." 2018
  • "[UNIV] helped me to improve my reading by giving me tips on how to be a better reader and be able to understand the main idea of each paragraph." 2018
  • "[My instructor] made everyone feel involved at all times." 2017
  • "The discussions we had were very meaningful." 2017
  • "My instructor emphasized the importance of networking and planning for the future. The course helped me improve skills that will benefit my education." 2017
  • "[My instructor] had a passion for the material and the course helped you learned more about you." 2017
  • "The communication we had as a class helped me relate topics back to my life." 2017
  • "I liked how [my instructor] related everything to real life." 2017
  • "The instructor is very understanding and helpful. The course helped us connect more to the campus and things around us." 2017