We're Celebrating 175 Years of Excellence!

Welcome to Eastern Michigan University's special 175th anniversary website! Join us on a journey through time as we celebrate our rich history and heritage. Explore our interactive timeline and discover the milestones that have shaped our institution into the proud leader it is today. From iconic images to inspiring speeches, delve into the archives and relive the moments that define our legacy. Join us in honoring 175 years of excellence, innovation, and unwavering dedication to education.

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EMU invites all interested parties to submit any digital mementos to the Leave Your Legacy Project. 

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Interactive Timeline

Step into history with Eastern Michigan University’s interactive timeline and explore the pivotal moments in our history. 

175 Years in Pictures

Archival images offer a captivating window into our past. From bygone buildings to cherished traditions and vintage athletic uniforms, immerse yourself in the beauty and nostalgia of EMU’s earliest days. 

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Stories from the Past

Revisit stories from Eastern Magazine, celebrating the people, buildings and movements that make this University so special.

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Two for the Ages
Remembering Eastern baseball legends Oestrike and Welch.
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Taking Great Risk
Fifty years ago, a group of student activists locked themselves in Pierce Hall in an attempt to demand change. This is their story.
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17th Michigan
Eastern's first student soldiers were Civil War fighters.
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Remembering John Porter

President Porter led EMU through a remarkable period of achievement and growth.

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Celebrating a Century of Pease Auditorium
Travel back in time with us as we review some of the building's memorable moments.
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Eastern's Edison Connection
Eastern's Sherzer Observatory holds a rare telescope, made even more special by the man who used it.

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The 175th Anniversary committee looks to honor EMU's history and achievements through engaging events and activities. Please reach out if you have an idea to share.

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